5 Tips for Making Cleaning More Enjoyable


I am going to get right to it and be completely honest. I HATE cleaning. Poor M, has to put up with the fact that I dread chores on the regular. I will think of any excuse I can to get out of doing chores. Unfortunately, the time always comes that I have to face the music (which I like to do literally :) you’ll see). I love the feeling of a clean house and feel much more productive with the house clean. It’s just the actually cleaning part I don’t really fancy. I have talked to several friends about this very topic and aside from paying someone to do the dirty work (pun intended.) I have compiled a list of things that help make chores more enjoyable (or at least make them more bearable.)

  1. Listen to a Podcast

If you have read Dear Sugar you know that I have recently discovered the power of the podcast. I am obsessed with Dear Sugar, Happier and just recently started #Girlboss (I’m in love). My obsession with podcasts all stemmed from my mission of trying to figure out how to make chores more fun. I decided to put headphones in and listen to Dear Sugar while I was cleaning. You guys, I got so into the podcast that cleaned for seven hours! I vacuumed my curtains for crying out loud! Cleaning and listening to the podcast was the perfect marriage. Cleaning gave me something productive to do while listening to the podcast, and listening to the podcast distracted me from the fact that I was cleaning.

  1. Crank the Music, Dance, and Sing

If podcasts aren’t for you try cranking up some great upbeat music and just let yourself go! Jump around, dance, sing into the duster and just get jiggy with it. I am the type of person that cannot be in a silence. I don’t know why or what that means but I have to have something going on in the background whether that’s a TV Show, Music or whatever I can find fill the silence. Music makes me more productive. When I managed at Anthropologie everyone always knew when I was there because the first thing I did was turn on the music! With a Starbucks in hand and music blasting those opening procedures were much more doable, same goes for cleaning.

  1. Write it Down and Check it Off

I am a to do list gal and when I am starting a day of running errands or cleaning the house I like to write a list of everything I need to do. (unlike this list of my friend Sam’s, sorry Sam it still get's me every time :) )


I like to write a detailed list of everything I am going to even if it’s just for the satisfaction of being able to cross more things off the list.

   4. Time It

There are apps you can use, or you can use that good old fashioned timer, but try timing yourself and clean as fast as you can.  This makes it into a kind of game. If you are strapped for time and can't do a deep cleaning set a timer for the amount of time you do have and do what you can in that given amount of time. It's more helpful than you think!

    5Let the Light and Air In

Open your curtains, open doors (if it’s nice out), burn candles, make the space a productive one and you yourself will be more productive! 

Do you have any tips on making cleaning more enjoyable? I'd love to hear them!Shop This Post: [show_shopthepost_widget id="1535752"]


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