6 Nonfiction Books To Add to Your Collection


I am not going to pretend I have all this leisurely time to read.  I would love to say I read constantly, but I don't. Most of these books have taken Instagram by storm and although I haven't read all of these, I have dabbled in a few! Not only are these books great decor, but they are written by amazing women that are encouraging you to be your best self. If there is one thing I am passionate about it's women encouraging other women, that is why I have added these books to my collection.


1#Girlboss- I have read #Girlboss and I LOVE IT. It's on my top favorite books right now, I would highly recommend it and recommend her podcast #Girlboss. Somehow I want to incorporate girlboss moments into my blog. I love the idea of people talking about their girlboss moments, it can be something as simple of taking time for yourself during the week, making food for you kids, starting a company, or staying in be all weekend. Anything can be a girlboss moment! There are sometimes that I feel so encouraged through the week that I feel like I am nailing it and I am a total girlboss and other times that I feel like I am totally blowing it. Either way I love hearing about other girlbosses.

2. Not That Kind Of Girl- I am reading this book right now! It's interesting, the verdict is still out, but either way it's entertaining. It's quite funny and interesting to learn about Lena Dunham. I wasn't a fan of hers until I heard her on the Dear Sugarpodcast, so I had to have the book.

3. Cupcakes and Cashmere- My good friend Kari introduced me to Cupcakes and Cashmere (the blog) and I fell in love with it. It's what made me want to start the very blog you are reading right now. So when I saw she had a book I had to get it! My friend Kelsy has this book and uses it as a coffee table book. It's a quick read and a great book to reference.

4. Love, Style, Life - I fell in love with this bookright away, but just recently purchased it. If I ever saw it in a store I would pick it up and drool over it. Grace Dore has a great collection at Rifle Paper that I love and I never knew who she was. This opened the door to her book and her blog. According to amazon "Love Style Life is a backstage pass behind fashion’s frontlines, peppered with French-girl-next-door wit and advice on everything from mixing J.Crew with Chanel, to falling in love, to pursuing a life and career that is the perfect reflection of you."-What more could you want in a book?

5. All in Good Taste-This is a book all about entertaining. It was a best seller by Kate Spade, so it was a no brainer I had to get my hands on it!

6. Celebrate. - Lauren Conrad is my idol. I love everything she does so of course I had to buy both of her books, Beauty and Celebrate. Her blog along with Emily's blog are my two go to blogs, so I love having these books to reference.


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Have you read any of these?? What did you think?? What are your #Girlboss moments??

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