How to Achieve The Perfect Blow Out in Six Easy Steps


I am going to get right to it and be 100% honest with you. I try to avoid blow-drying my hair at all costs. Dry shampoo and I have started a very serious love affair. I had a friend tell me that you could ‘train’ your hair to only have to wash it 1-2 times a week and I didn’t believe her, I was a strictly every-other-day hair washer, but she was right. I save so much time not having to dry my (very thick) hair. Not only does not washing my hair save me time it saves my hair! I am not constantly frying it with heat. However in order to be able to get to this point you have to have the right tools for the perfect blow out first.

I have been approached by other brands that have asked me to review their products. I want you guys to know that I will never post about a product that I don’t 100% support and love. My goal in sharing products with you is to introduce you to things I think you would love! That is why I have turned down so many of those requests. When 1907 by Fromm approached me I had already fallen in love with their brushes, I was gifted one at the Create and Cultivate conference, so I was more than happy to try the Zero7 Air blow-drier courtesy of 1907 by Fromm. I am the pickiest hair person on the planet. You can ask my best friend Anna or anyone who knows me. Many tears have been shed over these locks.

So believe me when I say these are the tools you need to achieve the perfect blow out. I no longer dread blow-drying my hair. (I still don’t recommend blow drying daily or even other day) but I do recommend investing in these tools to protect your hair. What I didn’t realize is if you have the right tools to achieve the perfect blow out you don’t need to fry your hair with curing irons and straighteners!


I enlisted my Hair Dresser Molly from Terradea Salon to show me how to achieve the perfect blow out. (She was just as impressed with the Zero7 Air blow-drier and the copper brushes as I was!)

Tip One:

Dry your hair to get out the initial moisture. You want it about 80% dry. (Use the concentrator to achieve a sleeker look.)

Before today I always just dried my hair with the round brush in layers right away pinning up most of my sopping wet hair and drying layer by layer, starting with the bottom layer.


Tip Two:

When drying the hair if you want to create more volume flip the hair from side to side.


Tip Three:

Start with the hair around your face. This ensures that your hair closest to your face (the most important part) doesn’t dry funny. You want to be in complete control over how the hair closest to your face dries.

Again, I was not doing this. I started with the bottom layer and worked my way up to the top, finishing with the hair closest to my face. Similar to how I curl it here


Molly showed me how to curl it and where to point the drier and then let me try it on my own. It's not as easy of course, but totally doable on your own!

Tip Four:

Start at the roots with the round brush but don’t start the curling motion until you get closer to the end. To give it more movement you can curl it in different directions.

I had an aunt that literally got a round brush stuck in her hair. She had very long hair and they had to cut it out. It was a very traumatic experience for her! I have been afraid of them ever since and just recently started using the round brush to dry my hair.

The ‘round’ part of the brush is to give it that ‘curling’ function but it also helps grip your hair and help smooth it out and help minimize frizz. The copper brushes brushes really grip the hair giving you complete control.


Tip Five:


The length of your hair determines the size of the brush you need. If you have short hair you will want the square copper brush, but if you have longer hair you will want to use the large round brush. Ideally you would want both: the round for the majority of the blow out and the square round brush to style bangs/hair closest to the face. The square brush is something Molly had not experienced before, and let me tell you it’s a game changer.

Tip Six:

Use the cool setting to seal the deal. Once you blow out the section of your hair use the cool setting sealing in the cuticles of your hair giving it that smooth and sleek look.

I never knew what this setting was used for! Molly also noted that the Zero7 Air blow-drier cool setting cooled down right away, which is nice! She also noted, what I realized the minute I lifted the hair dryer: It’s super lightweight (it's also quiet!). This is ideal when trying to achieve the perfect blow out. Since we don’t have three arms we need to be able to maneuver the hair-drier easily. I have never had a blow-drier that dried my thick hair so fast, but at least while I am drying it I don’t feel like I am doing an arm work-out.


After the blow out Molly said she was completely impressed with the quality of the Zero7 Air blow-drier and the copper brushes(they exceeded the typical professional quality), and I 100% agree. Your hair is a great investment and these quality items are completely worth it! These tools allow you to get the perfect blow out from the comfort of your own home!

Of course Molly's side looked a bit better than mine, there is a bit more movement, but hey I'm learning! :)


(Top can be found here.)

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