Birthday Wish List!


Today is my birthday, so when better to post a birthday wish list! If you are looking to give a gift to a friend or girlfriend, I would recommend the following gifts! These are on my birthday wish list.


Grande Dore Notepad

I am a list maker: at work, at home, in my travels... I want a list and I want to check it off as I go. If the woman you are buying for is a list maker a really cute Rifle Paper notepad is a great gift. You may think who wants paper? You would be surprised!

Anthropologie Mugs

You cannot go wrong with a monogrammed mug! Whether she is a coffee drinker (like me) or a tea drinker! These mugs have a design on them that could go with anyone's aesthetic on them and are available from A-Z! If you want to give them as a set you could do her initials.

Table Topics

I love having people over to my house! I would much rather hang with a few people at a home than go out to a loud bar where you can't have a good conversation. Man I am getting old! Sometimes though instead of popping in a movie and sitting in silence I try to think of fun and interesting things to talk about. I saw these at Patina in Minneapolis and thought they would make for a great catalyst for some interesting conversations!

Anthropology Mercury Candle

I am a sucker for candles. The first thing I do when I get home from work is light my candles to get my house smelling nice! I not only look for a good scent I look for an attractive candle. Anthropologie has the best candles! I wish I could have them all! These candles smell great and would work in any space, which makes them a great gift.

Gold Earrings

Sorry Rober Frost but if you ask me anything gold can stay! These studs come in gold and silver depending on what her preference is, but you can't go wrong with a classic stud. This earring would fit any personality type and style.

Rifle Paper Cards

Anyone who knows me knows I love stationary and notebooks. Rifle paper is my go to! I love their cards, their wedding invites, their phone cases... Anything they are selling I am buying! If the girl you are buying for has a bit of a feminine side Rifle Paper is the way to go. Don't skimp on the card either, if she is like me she appreciates a cute card with a thoughtout message inside.

Purse and Rings Madewell

A nice leather monogrammed tote makes for a great gift, one that is classy and special. If you want to go cheaper and more trendy I love these midi-rings! They are super cute and stylish. If you really want to impress you could do both!