Black is the New Black


photos by: Andi Stempniak

Have you ever heard black is out? Have you ever heard that black is so last season? Me either.  The fashion industry loves black and so do I! You can’t go wrong with black; it’s sliming, timeless, and effortless. The little black dress will always be a staple piece. Black is my feel good color, funny huh? Because it could be seen as a ‘dreary’ color, well… I guess it’s not even a color…  But like Johnny cash said, “Black is always a good choice.” You may hear phrases like “Pink is the new black.” Don’t believe them, black is irreplaceable.

Tank: Madewell

Watch: Marc Jacobs

Necklace: Madewell

Bracelets: Madewell

Booties: Geox (Nordstrom)

WEARKasey Taube