Bridesmaid Gifts


Mike and I decided not to have a 'traditional' wedding party. We want everyone to be comfortable, happy and having fun! We don’t want them to have to buy expensive dresses that they will never wear again or feel obligated to do anything that they don’t want to do. We want the day to be very low-key and about us. I still want my closest friends and family to feel included, so they came with me wedding dress shopping. To show my gratitude I made them all gift boxes and surprised them during lunch.

In them I had notebooks, a gratitude book, a miniature bottle of pink moscato, a facial kit and a nice bar of salted chocolate.

I then made them each individual packets that included a personal letter, about how much they mean to me, and a list of dates and contact information of those they may need to contact. I asked my sisters and very best friend to be my 'Maids of Honor.' They won't be standing up, but they will each be included. My sister Hannah will be holding our 'vow letters', my sister Dani will have the rings, and my best friend will be reading a poem during the ceremony.

I didn't want the "Maids of Honor" to have to buy gowns, but I want them to stand out from the crowd, so they are wearing flowers in their hair. In the packet I included pictures of different hair options for them to get inspiration. They loved the idea! I am so excited to have flower pieces made for them.


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