Camp Wandawega Bachelorette Party


I had the pleasure of planning one of my best friends, Anna's bachelorette party. At first Anna wanted to go to Montana and do something fun, but also laid back and relaxing. (Laid-back and relaxing events are kind of my jam!) However, to make it easier on all involved she decided she wanted to do something within driving distance. I was up for the challenge! 

We talked about going to up north (yes, in Wisconsin there is an up north!) I felt like that wasn’t special enough for Anna. That’s something that we have done before. I wanted something over the top special! I was struggling to find something that would live up to my (not her) very high expectations. 

I had seen Camp Wandawega, a 1920’s vintage summer camp on instagram. I was even booked for a wedding there on a Tuesday in June. In the middle of the night I woke up and thought, “we should do Anna’s Bachelorette Party at Camp Wandawega!” It just so happened that the ONLY weekend they had available was the weekend before the wedding. 

I created a Facebook group to coordinate everything between all the ladies that would be involved, first thing in the morning I sent them the idea with the available date. They all agreed with me that it was EXACTLY what Anna would want. I booked it that day. 

We were there Thursday-Sunday, and it was absolutely perfect. Everything at the Camp gives it that 1920s feel, but they still have modern amenities. When I say amenities I mean electricity, a fridge, and A/C. The shower is still a camp shower, so I had to get over my fear of spiders real quick! (Although I didn’t see any the size that really freak me out). I knew exactly what to expect, they have a Manifesto of Low Expectations on their site.  The staff is incredible! They are so accommodating you feel like you are visiting your own family's summer camp!

Our days were spent on the lake and our evenings were spent in front of a fire. It was exactly the laid-back and relaxing weekend Anna was looking for. One evening I styled a picnic table and we grilled a nice family style dinner.  We of course had to throw in some typical bachelorette party games, it was a bachelorette party after all!

It was a weekend filled with love, comraderie, and constant positive vibes. It really doesn't get better than that!

I must say narrowing down what pictures to post was quite a challenge! The entire camp is so picturesque, but here a few from the weekend:

photo from Anna's Instagram
Kasey Greenheck