Chicago Bachelorette Party Weekend


This past weekend I was in Chicago for my friend Amanda's bachelorette party. It was a blast! Unfortunately it was raining all weekend, so I didn't get the oppurtunity to take my camera out with me, but I did get some nice photos of the lovely decor her friends decorated her hotel room with! :) We definitely made the best of the weekend. Here are a few of the highlights. 

The Accommodations

We stayed at my favorite line of boutique hotels, Kimpton Hotels. They always have such luxurious accommodations with great decor and a free wine hour! The Gray Hotel Chicago did not disappoint, the staff was very friendly and helpful.

One girl had backed out and we had nine girls staying at the hotel. Amanda had decided to put us all in two rooms with one person on an air mattress. I was presenting at an event called SOUP when this all went down via Facebook. I had gotten Mike's cold that he had during Coachella and I didn't want to sleep in the same bed as anyone else, so I got my own room :) (I also was a tad bit worried about nine girls and two showers.) 

The Activities

After arriving at the hotel after a four hour drive the girls decorated Amanda's room and I got ice for the copious amount of alcohol we had. Amanda came in and we all took a shot of tequila gummy bears! (They were delicious!) We then freshened up and hit wine hour. 

We made our way out to Cindy's, a roof top restaurant in the old Chicago Athletic Association Hotel right next to millennium park before we headed to our sunset cruise. It was a bit cold for a cruise, but the view was still pretty, and they had heated indoor bar (which helped!) We didn't see much of the sunset but we weren't there for the sunset! 

Dinner reservations were at Mercadito's, they had great tacos and cocktails (I recommend the spicy margarita). We made a pitstop at Three Dots and A Dash, a bar that specializes in Tiki drinks, before getting an Uber back to our hotel. 

Right next to our hotel was a lovely little French brunch restaurant called Cochon Volant Brasserie.  After brunch things got REAL crazy, we went to Room Escape Adventures and did "Trapped in a Room With A Zombie." I don't want to give anything away, but I will tell you, it's a great time. And in case you were wondering, we did make it out a live (with 40 seconds left on the clock). 

Then we ordered pizza from Lou Malnati's and played bachelorette party games. We created our own version of dirty Telestrations and had quite a few laughs before getting ready to go out! 

The Clubs

Amanda wore white and we all got dressed up in cute black outfits! We had a few drinks before hitting up Fremont, a REALLY cute club (can you call clubs cute?) The DJ was great and the atmosphere was just what we were looking for, nothing too crazy. It was just the right place to start the night off right! After Fremont, we checked out The Underground, now that's a CLUB in every sense of the word. We're talking loud bumpin' music, smoke, gals in sexy outfits; the works! Fremont was more our "vibe" , but The Underground was a fun place to get out of our comfort zones and dance the rest of the night away! 

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