This Year's Christmas Ornaments


Some might get frustrated by talking Christmas talk right after Halloween, but I love it! Christmas is my favorite holiday for so many reasons; time spent with family and friends, snowy nights in with a warm beverages, and shopping for gifts.

This Christmas season is our second as a married couple and is very special to me. Our first Christmas as a married couple we were still recovering from the wedding and didn't have time to focus on the holidays. It was our first year hosting Christmas for my family, my mom's house was being worked on and it wasn't done when it was supposed to be. It was a quick decision to host and we did what we could. This year we have time to prep and get ready for the Holidays. 

I have lived with Mike for going on five years and in all that time we never bought our own Christmas ornaments. We got a hand-me down tree that was already decorated from Mike's Grandfather and my mom bought us ornaments for our other tree. I have loved having both of these trees, but as a stylist I have always wanted to design our very own Christmas tree. 

Mike's family has always gotten fake trees, my family has always gotten real, but since we got hand me down trees we have always used the fake trees that we have received. The other day I was talking to my friend Kelsy, and she told me about her lovely tradition of getting a warm beverage and cutting down a Christmas tree with her husband and dog. After they pick out and cut down their perfect tree they go home light a fire, drink wine, and decorate their tree. Sounds lovely doesn't it!

I told her of Mike and my Christmas tree tradition. Five years ago we had decorated our fake Christmas tree. Every year after Christmas we take our decorated Christmas tree carefully to our attic and store it. The next year when Christmas comes we take our pre-decorated Christmas tree and set it down in the living room. 

This year I am determined to start a new tradition! I want to convince Mike to get a real Christmas tree and decorate it with Christmas ornaments that we purchased! Wish us luck!

These are the ornaments I have purchased: 

Kasey Greenheck