My Coachella 2017 Recap


We just got back from Coachella, a music festival in Indio California, and man are we WIPED. It was such a fun weekend filled with great music, food, and people. It's definitely one of those vacations that when you get back you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation! Those of you that follow me on Instagram know I went a bit Coachella crazy, sharing to my story left and right, but it's just too good not to! Well, this is the last thing I will share from our weekend at Coachella 2017, it's just a quick recap with a few of our favorite highlights from the weekend! 

The Accommodations

We stayed at an INCREDIBLE Airbnb in Palm Springs, our host was amazing. He had asked for our flight information so he knew when to expect us, and the moment we arrived I got a text from him welcoming us to Palm Springs. We took a short Uber ride to the Airbnb and Jesse (the host) welcomed us and showed us where everything was. It was our first time ever staying at an Airbnb,  and it was a great one! The first thing we did was throw on our swimsuits and hop in the pool! Jesse was even so kind as to ask us if we needed anything while he was out running errands, we had him pick up stuff for margaritas!

Our room was great, I especially loved the faux fireplace! 


I got VIP tickets for one very important reason, General Admission was sold out! I was so excited to see Beyonce, and the lineup was amazing, I didn't even think about it, I purchased whatever was available! I had a bit of buyers remorse until we arrived at the festival, Mike and I were relieved to have VIP passes. (I don't know how many times we said "We're getting to old for this!" haha). We got to bypass the waiting in line to get in, had access to great food, and didn't have to wait in line for drinks. My favorite meal from the festival was a chicken burger and beet and goat cheese salad from Nomad. Mike's favorite meal was sushi hand rolls from KazuNori Sushi. My favorite area of the festival was the Rose Garden, it literally was a vast garden filled with roses, there were water fountains, it had shaded seating, was a bit more secluded, and had nice air-conditioned restrooms.

The Music

Mike and I both agree that the BEST part of the festival is the music! It's almost a struggle to figure out who you want to see, we didn't get to see everyone we wanted, but the bands we did see were great! Some of our favorites were: Oh Wonder, Joseph, Broods, Bon Iver (well I liked it, Mike did not), Local Natives, Lorde, and of course Lady Gaga put on a great show. 

So there you have it! That was my quick recap of our very fun (and exhausting!) trip to Coachella.