Cute Pumpkin Tips & Tricks


If you saw the post Pumpkin Carving Party then you know I went with the cookie cutter way of carving my pumpkin (pun intended-you'll get it when you continue reading). These are things I wish I had tried! There is still time I suppose, but busy season is among us! I always attempt something far above my skill level, so I feel like these tips would have saved my first pumpkin from ending up in the garbage. 

image from: cupcakes and cashmere

1. Succulents Inside The Pumpkin

This is the way to go if you want to do the least amount of carving possible! This pumpkin is so aesthetically pleasing, and goes perfectly with neutral décor.

image from: pinterest

2. Cookie Cutter Pumpkins

This is brilliant! I love having light coming from all sides of the pumpkin, so you could mix up the patterns and repeat them around the pumpkin, and you don't have to be skilled in carving!

image from: andi stempniak

3. Dry Erase Markers

We used permanent markers, but we should have used dry erase markers! (duh!) That way when you make a mistake you can ERASE it, seems so simple.

4. Petroleum Jelly

After you’re finished carving, coat the inside of your pumpkin with a thin layer of petroleum jelly. That way your jack-o-lantern will last longer. If  would have known this my pupkin wouldn't be a pile of mush on my porch!

5. Power Tools

The first year I used a kit, and of course tried something super hard, it took FOREVER. I wish still carving as people were heading home. The next year I upped my game and used power tools. This way I was sipping cider with the rest of them!

6. Use Artificial Light

I love real candles, and I think they look so much better, but they will cut the life of your jack-o-lantern in half. Heating the interior of your pumpkin can make it a mushy mess in just a short period of time. Spring for battery powered candles, if you want your pumpkin to last longer.