Freelancing Females: Dana Marie Roquemore


Age: 36  Location: Orlando, FL

Anything you want to share about yourself?

I love warm weather, beach days, eating with friends, beautiful things, and being with my family. Orlando is home. Connecting people is my passion.

Tell us a bit about your business:

Wardrobe styling, Closet Consultations, and Event Planning and Execution.

How did you decide to start freelancing?

I like Wardrobe Styling and being on Set. So I decided to get myself together, put up a website and start offering my services. It's a lot of hustling and putting yourself out there.

Are you full time or is it a side gig?

I have a full-time business and freelance on the side, but it used to be a full-time gig for me.

What are some struggles you face being a freelancer? What has been your greatest struggle?

The consistency of it. Jobs definitely come in waves, as there are slow seasons.

What is your favorite thing about freelancing? What's your most memorable accomplishment?

The flexibility to jobs or not. I like meeting new people, so it creates opportunities to do that. Sometimes you make connections, sometimes you don't. I have met some REALLY lovely people working on shoots.

Every once in awhile I get to be creative and create my own vision. When that happens it's a joy!

When talking to other freelancers they find setting their prices very challenging, how did you determine your prices?

I have asked around the industry. Over the years my rates have gone up incrementally. Also, the price is often set for you, so it's up to you if you will take the job at that rate or not.

Do you work from home? Do you like it or do you find yourself getting distracted? What are some tips you have about working from home?

I work from home a bit, but more often from a co-working space. I find it very helpful to be around other people and not be by myself all day. It helps with morale. However, having the luxury to choose to work from home is something I don't take for granted. Some days you just need to answer emails in your PJs...sadly that doesn't happen very often.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

My days don't look the same. I am either working from home or my co-working space. I am often running around to meetings or picking up items. I have to micromanage my calendar or else I will miss something.

Work life balance... does it exist? What are your thoughts and tips?

YES. You MUST have a work/life balance! Being a freelancer can be feast or famine, but self care is SO essential. I firmly believe in taking a Sabbath rest. Taking one day a week to really rest. I find I will burnout if I don't. For me personally I need a mental rest as well as a physical rest. Really just doing nothing.

Sometimes schedules don't allow for once a week of taking off, but I make up for it after a stretch of working.

What would be your advice to collaborate with other creatives?

I think it's real important to have your own side project. With freelancing you are usually at the mercy of your client. You might have creative control once in awhile, but most often not. So doing something that you can call your own, is so important. You can create and collaborate the way that you want to. Reaching out to people you want to work with. Sending over a general idea of what you want to do and see who bites. And sometimes you don't have the whole idea, it's not fully fleshed out, but that is where the input from others is essential + fun!

How do you handle burnout? How do you creatively recharge?

Day of rest! Feed yourself on things you want to aspire to! Traveling doesn't hurt either.

Any advice you would have for someone looking to start freelancing?

Have a positive attitude. Be flexible. Figure out if you can secure some kind of steady income, so you aren't putting so much pressure on freelancing. When you get started you might not get booked steadily. Especially if it's your passion. It's a lot of pressure to do what you love and then expect it to pay the bills for you. You might become bitter at your passion. So having another stream of income is helpful.

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