Fall into Accessories


My favorite part of Fall is SHOPPING! I just cleaned out my closet. If I hadn't worn it in a year, I gave it away. It was so liberating! I decided to reward myself with some shopping :-) I love shopping at Sole Society and Nordstrom as they have free shipping and free returns so you can always order loads of stuff and return it if it doesn't work out! Clothes are always my main focus, but lately I have been trying to integrate accessories. Here are some that I am going to try for this fall.

Warby Parker- Reilly Glasses in Marizapan Tortoise

To be honest these are a lot like my Karen Walker sunglasses that I just HAD to have. Those are WAY more than these and I actually like these one's better. The Karen Walker are a touch to big for me. These fit my face quite well and are at a great price point. I wasn't looking for sunglasses I was actually looking for frames, but came across these. When I was searching for sunglasses this is exactly what I was looking for.

Warby Parker- Upton in Smoke Tortoise

Okay. I get it I don't need glasses and I am not going to lie I have stayed away from them out of principle, but then Amber Fillerup posted her wearing some amazing frames and I decided I had to try them! These are coming in the mail, so I haven't tried them just yet, but I will keep you posted! I ordered a couple different colorations and they weren't "dramatic" enough of coloring. I want the glasses to be a fashion accessory not just wear glasses to wear glasses. The one's that Amber was wearing you can find here, but they are a little out of my price range for glasses I don't in fact "need." Mike hates them and will barely look at me when I wear them but I am holding my ground until he gets rid of his mand sandals, or "mandals."


August Hat-Baseball Cap in Grey

I am not a very "sporty" person but every once in a while I like to sport up my style! This hat is perfect for those lounge days, but isn't too "baseball" looking that you have to keep your entire look sporty. You can wear it with a cute sweater and boots or a leather jacket and cute tee.

Nordstrom-Floppy Wool Hat

So I didn't know if I could pull of the "floppy hat" but I wanted to try! I really wanted this hat by Rag and Bone, but couldn't justify the money not knowing if I was going to rock it very much. I knew it would be something I might try every now and then, so I went for the cheaper version here. I am allergic to wool, but the way I wear it and where it sits, it doesn't itch! I do like it! It works with maxi dresses or sweaters, so its perfect for this transitional weather.

Sole Society- Wool Panama Hat

I liked the black one so I am going to try this one out as well. Do you see a trend here? I went a little hat crazy. There are a few reasons... one it can make an outfit look more put together with not a lot of effort, and two you can wear it on those days you don't like fussing with your hair. Again, less effort...hmmm... another pattern perhaps? When I went to Europe I kind of fried my hair using a high voltage blow drier, so I am trying to wash my hair less, so hats are perfect! I also am trying to grow my hair out for the big day, so hats it is!


Sole Society- Romy in Taupe

I have been a little "bootie" crazy as well ;) I got these Romy boots in Black Suede last year and I wore them out, so this year I went to get them and they didn't have them in black! (They do now so I will be ordering them...) I have been trying to vear a little away from wearing too much black and adding more color. I don't knowi f you can call this "color" but I wanted something that I could wear with cream and grey and black! I also wanted the frames to wear with black to bring in the taupe color. They are so comfortable and a good price point.

Sole Society- Chris in Black

When I went on Sole Society to replace my black boots they didn't have the ones I wanted in stock yet, so I got these to hold me over. They are a lot like my Geox boots that I love, but not as detailed and not as high, so I can wear them more often! I wasn't sure if I would like the suede/leather combo, but I do think it adds an element of interest. I really have been into the wooden sole and heal rather then all black. It adds just a bit more of the sophistication that we are all looking for!