How to find your Personal Style


If you asked me to define my personal style, I would say it’s classy with an edge, and at times a hint of boho flair. It took a while, and quite a bit of trial and error, before I felt like I really knew my style. Now when I go shopping with family or friends they say, “Oh that’s a Kasey dress,” or “Yep, that’s a Kasey color.” I have really defined what I like, what my style includes, and almost more importantly what it doesn’t include.

That trial and error I mentioned, there was A LOT of it. I think those that went to high school with me can certainty attest to that!

There were many phases to my 'style identity crisis'. There was a punk phase that involved blue hair (it was supposed to be semi permanent!), neckties, and tube socks worn on my forearms (thanks Avril Lavigne). I went through a cal girl phase, which was me fake tanning (sorry skin!), wearing nothing but Hollister, and putting a fake flower in my overly bleached hair. Those were two of many phases I went through before finding what really worked for me.

Finding your style, in my opinion, is like finding a man, you have to date a few before you find the one that’s right for you! Once, Mike’s friend was over to hang a picture on our wall and as he was scanning the wall with a stud finder he said, “You have to go through a lot of duds before you find a stud.” I replied, “Story of my dating life.” Mike didn’t find it very funny, but I thought it was HILARIOUS! :)

That being said there a few steps I would suggest if you are trying to define your own personal style:



Trying to find your style can be a little overwhelming! You are supposed to just know what you like and what you don’t like. Some people find this easier than others do. I have learned, with time, what I really like and what I really don’t like. My sister on the other hand is way more open-minded and likes everything! This makes it harder for her to really define her style.

Start small, what colors do you like and what colors don’t you like? Once I really started to focus on the colors I liked and wanted to wear, it all started to fall into place. Some people who know me now would never believe it, but I used to wear very bright colors (I wore a hot pink tulle ball gown to prom.) When you are young, your clothes are more ‘disposable’, so wearing bright colors and taking more risks makes more sense. When you start to invest in staple pieces you don’t want those pieces to be a color that is on ‘trend’ or one you could get sick of quickly. You want those items to be versatile and last.


Get Inspired

This is where Pinterest fits in. There are some days I wake up and I have NO CLUE what to wear. I pop open Pinterest, go to “My Kind Of Style” board, and get inspired! I then go to my closet and try to find an outfit that is going to make me feel great and look great!

Look through Pinterest and start pinning. Pin everything you like to your ‘style board’. Then go back and delete things you wouldn’t actually wear. Once you have narrowed down your images, more than likely, you will start to see a pattern. This is your style starting to emerge! It really helped me to find a ‘Style Icon’, whether it’s a fellow blogger or actress, finding someone you really look up to and envy their style can help you start to create your own. I would think, “Would Jennifer Aniston wear this?” If the answer was no, then I wouldn’t get it. That really helped me to limit what I liked vs. what I wanted to wear.


Focus on How You Feel

So many people focus on what they are going to look like when it comes to their style. Focus on how a color or style makes you feel. If it doesn’t make you feel great then don’t wear it. I feel best in black, it’s slimming, it’s classic, and I never regret wearing it (unless it’s 120 degrees outside). If you feel great in a color then don’t be afraid to rock that color as much as you want!

If there is a certain cut or style of clothing you like and feel great in, great, get more! You don’t have to have one of everything, and frankly if you are trying to define your style you want to narrow down what that style is. For instance, I admire Claire Underwoods style in House of Cards, it’s elegant and classy. She doesn’t wear a variety of cuts and styles. She has a few things that work for her and she capitalizes on those. You might want so desperately to pull of something, but if you have to ‘pull it off’ it probably isn’t for you. You want to wear your clothes you don’t want your clothes to wear you so emphasize your assets and really focus on items that make you feel great!


Trend Fade, Style Is Eternal

If you want to define your personal style, my advice would be to proceed with caution when it comes to a trend. So many times when I go shopping with someone I’ll say “this looks like you to me.” of course, the piece of clothing doesn’t look like a person, but it looks like their style. If that is what you are going for, then don’t jump on every trend. Who will know what you like or don’t like, how will you even know? Only wear trends that work for your style. If it compliments your style great try it! If you try it and it doesn’t quite work, then oh well you tried it, return it or sell it on Poshmark! No harm no foul, you can’t find your style if you don’t take some risks.

What has helped you find your style? Leave a comment below!

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