Gearing Up For Coachella


Mike and I are gearing up for Coachella! It will be the second time that I have gone and Mike’s first ever trip to the valley music and arts festival in Indio, CA. It's such a great experience! It feels more like an 'event experience' than the typical music festival. There is so much more to it than amazing music; you will also find art installments, pop up shops, wine tastings, food trucks and the list goes on!

I actually wasn't planning on going, but when Beyonce was announced, I had to jump on board! She is someone I have been dying to see live, and the opportunity to see her in the desert at Coachella?!?! Oh, hell yeah!

I was pretty bummed out when they announced she wouldn't be able to attend due to her pregnancy. I contemplated selling our tickets, and told Mike I would only keep them if Lady Gaga replaced her. Well low and behold, guess who was announced as her replacement? LADY. GAGA.  I am excited yet again! (I wouldn't say I am AS excited, but pretty close.)

When getting ready for Coachella there are two very important things to do.

1. Figure out what I am wearing

2. Figure out what musicians we are going to see

I made a Spotify play list of all the bands on the Coachella lineup to help me narrow down who I would like to see. The next step is aligning that with who Mike wants to see.

Now outfits, you can't go wrong with some amazing jumpsuits and dresses! I can't wait to dance in the desert!