My Go-to Travel Outfit


I travel a lot for work, I coordinate photo-shoots for Eastbay/Footlocker, and sometimes we are traveling for more time than we are on location. I have packing and traveling down to a science! When you travel extensively, eventually you realize going to the airport dressed to the nines isn't very comfortable, although I am not judging if do, get it girl! However, when I travel it's important to me to be cute AND comfortable! I would say about a 40/60 split, hey on those long plane rides you got to be comfortable, especially if you are like me and if it was an early morning flight you plan on sleeping for the majority of it. That being said I have a few guidelines when it comes to my airport ensemble.

A Big Scarf

A big scarf is a must! Even if you are traveling in summer, those planes can get cold, and it's nice to have something that doubles as a pillow or a blanket. A pillow gives you yet another thing you have to carry and keep track of, so I like to streamline the process and use a scarf (something that you can wear whether than carry).

A Light Jacket or Sweater

I am in love with this light jacket from Anthropologie and it's the perfect travel piece! It works as a versatile jacket while you are on location, even in the summer nights can get a bit chilly, and traveling while wearing it helps save space in your luggage.

Comfortable Jeans or Leggings

I have been on a plane wearing uncomfortable jeans and I will not do that again! A four hour plane ride with jeans cutting into my hips, no THANK YOU! So, comfortable jeans or leggings are a priority. My all time favorite jeans are theses Citizen of Humanity Skinny Stretch Leggings, they look like jeans (and I love back pockets while traveling to carry my ID, credit card, or cell phone!) I probably wear these every other day! (Too much?)

Comfortable Shoes (that are easy to take off and put on)

Okay, I have a confession, I work at Eastbay/Footlocker but I am not a huge sneaker fan. ( I know it's sacrilege!) We sell amazing sneakers though so if that's your jam you should totally shop there! My style and sneakers don't really jive, but when traveling you want to be comfortable! I either wear booties (saving room in my suitcase) or these slip on Converse. (When I was traveling in Europe I saw these cute sneakers all over the place! They go with everything and are cute and comfortable.)

A Backpack

I always travel with a backpack and put my purse in my checked suitcase. You want to have your necessities on the plane and it's not comfortable to travel carrying a heavy purse. In my backpack you will find my: Laptop, Bose headphones,  Kindle or a book, my phone charger and portable charger. Herschel Supply Co. has some cute and comfortable backpacks!

Now off to another photo-shoot! It's my first time in the Pacific Northwest, so I am pretty excited about this one, wish us luck!


What do you usually wear while traveling? Have any tips or tricks? Let us know in the comments.Bon Voyage!


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