Hair Extensions with Irresistible Me


Guys, I have very THICK hair! I break hair ties on the regular. I have learned that this is not something to complain about, but as with everything it has it's pros and cons. My hair is a decent length, but over the past year it has ceased to grow. I try to wash my hair only once or twice a week (to save it from the damage of styling heat). My hair is colored and has nature texture, so it's easily damaged. It has breaking off like crazy lately!  I refuse to be one of those people that drastically chops their hair after their wedding, but a major trim is due. So... where do extensions come in you ask? Well my hair is pretty long and thick, so why on earth would I try extensions!? Well, I have a thing for long hair, and since my hair refuses to grow past my bra line I wanted to give extensions a try!

I got the 24" Ash Blonde Hair Extensionsfrom Irresistible Me. My hair dresser colored them to match my hair perfectly! You get a lot of hair with them and they are a great quality so dying them didn't hurt! (They actually match my natural texture better now).  It kind of seems counter intuitive, but if you have thick hair you need to get more hair. You want to get a weight that matches your natural hair. I like clip ins because you can take them out at anytime and they are super easy to put in and take out.  I would recommend giving them a try! They are great if you are trying to grow out your hair, looking to change up your look, or just want to try longer hair for a while.

PRIMPKasey Taube