Plan To Be Happy


I am a strong believer that Happiness is a choice. Yes, a lot of things are out of our control and will effect our mood, but it's up to us to decide how we are going to handle each day. I read this article The Scientific Proof That Happiness is a Choice, and I agree with a lot of what it had to say. It's so easy to wake up and just get right to it, and forget to make the choice whether to be happy or not, you just go about your day. I stumbled across The Happiness Planner, and it has really helped me plan out my days! It helps you plan out how you are going to tackle the day, not only logistically but mentally.

I bought this planner, (I LOVE planners and Notebooks!) but it was quite large and cumbersome to carry around. I love to write things down, but it just gave me one more thing to remember to bring with me (and I would often forget!). When The Happiness Planner app came I out, I was so excited! It encompasses all that I needed from the planner, but is right on my phone, which I have with me anyway :)

If you read my New Year's Resolutions, than you know that I want to do more with passion and purpose, and this planner helps me do just that!

The planner starts off asking you general questions about your happiness. What makes you happy, what would you like to do more of, etc...


Each day you record:

  • What you are excited about
  • Your Schedule
  • Your To Do List
  • Meals + Exerciser

I have had day planners, happiness journals, and have had meal planners, but the Happiness Planner encompasses it all!

Cheers to being Happy!




Do you have anything you do daily that helps your mood and helps your happiness level? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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