Happy Halloween!


I work with some amazing and creative people, and we really do up Halloween right! Yesterday we had a halloween party at work and it was so much fun. Sometimes we get so tunnel vision at work and are so worried about producing great images that we forget to take a breathe and enjoy ourselves every once in awhile. As we learned from The Shining, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!" Here are some highlights from the Halloween Party!

I wasn't dressing up to win best costume, but I did want to wear something cute and comfortable, so I made deer antlers. You can find out how to make them here. 

We had three Halloween Inspired contests: Costume, Food, and Pumpkin Caving. I won for best halloween themed food! I made these super appetizing bandaids :-)


THEY WERE SO EASY: -Graham Crackers (I did one gluten free tray and one regular tray)


-Strawberry Jam

(I used a box in the display as well to give them a point of reference!)

This is the picture I got the idea from on pinterest. 

Mary, on the left, won for best halloween costume, I mean how incredible does she look!!?!? Paula on the right was Wednesday Addams and she rocked it, with the hand and her expression she really set the mood!

I hope you alll enjoy your Halloween!