Into The Woods


Most people don't go traipsing around the woods, however Mike's a woodsy kind of guy. One of our first dates was hiking in the woods! I had a blast, and now that we have Harper it's even more fun.

Kind of a funny story, but on one of those first dates, Mike was walking in front of me pushing aside a branch to walk through, and when he let the branch go WHAP it hit me in the face! I was trying to walk close enough so that I could make it through the thick of it.  I didn't want to say anything seeing as we were just getting to know each other (nowadays that would not be the case) :)

Even after that I still appreciate having access to woods (and have learned to keep my distance). This weekend instead of doing my usual workout I took Harper for a walk through the woods. It was much more fun watching Harper run through the woods and jumping over stumps and fallen trees, than doing burpees in my living room. These images are from a few weeks back, now these woods are covered in thick blankets of snow, it's absolutely beautiful! I love driving down the road with the trees completely covered in white, they almost look like they are made of crystal, giving the appearance of a winter wonderland! (It's not so fun when it's -20 degrees but it's still pretty to look at!)


Photos by: Andi Stempniak

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What are your favorite outdoor outfits? Share below! Or if you have a funny first date story I'd love to hear that too! :)

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