Italy (Part Two)


If you read part one of our Italy Trip you know we started in Verona. Well, after Verona we headed to Cinque Terre, which was the NUMBER one thing I wanted to do while we were in Italy. I had seen amazing photos on instagram and all over the internet of this beautiful coast. It consists of five downs that you aren't able to reach by car. There is a train that goes through all five cities or, like us, you can take a boat tour of the coast line. We stayed at an amazing hotel in Monterosso al Mare, La Cabana. It was such a fun experience! I even got to snorkel for the first time ever!


After Cinque Terre we headed toward our Villa in Paciano. We were so excited to relax by the pool and have a few days on the Italian Countryside! We got to our Villa and our host was incredible! She made sure we felt completely welcome and we were greeted with her vineyard's wine, olive oil and honey. She let us know about all the lovely restaurants, our favorite being L'Oca Bruciata, and festivals going on in the area. We checked out a renaissance festival and a flower festival! We even had the privilege of taking a cooking class, my very first cooking class! I even got to cook gluten free pasta and Tiramisu. We got to experience some pretty amazing things but I must say my favorite part of the villa was hanging out by the pool with a glass of wine and amazing views! 


On our way back to Verona, before we headed home, we made a stop in Venice. We were told that it was a must see, but not for more than a day or two because of the crowds. It's a bit challenging to navigate, however once we were there it was completely worth it! Everywhere you turn it's completely picturesque, unlike anything I have ever seen. A city with streets of water. We decided to do a gondola ride because when in Venice! :)  

Kasey Greenheck