Less is More: Quality vs. Quantity


When it comes to most things in life: clothes, makeup, home décor, food, and even relationships, less is usually more. I think it is important to hone in on what is really important to us and make the most of what we have.


When I say less is more with clothes I don’t mean to wear less clothes! I mean wear that one special piece and pair it with basics. Don’t wear all your special pieces at once! I also mean quality over quantity. You will thank yourself if you spend your money on quality clothes that are an investment rather than buying a bunch of clothes that will only last you a season. Most of us wear 20% of our stuff 80% of the time. If you haven’t worn an item in a year, then you probably won’t wear it. You could sell it on poshmark and make some money, or donate the item to a good cause.



When I went to Europe the first time, Leah and I tried to fit in as many countries as we could in a month, and when Mike and I went to the UK and Ireland we hit every city we could in a mere two weeks! Both experiences were great but, let me tell you, we were constantly on the go.  We did so much in such a short amount of time that I almost needed a vacation from my vacation! If you get a chance to spend more substantial time in one place, I recommend taking the opportunity to do so.  Getting to visit a lot of new places can be fun, but I’ve found I prefer spending more time in one place,  so that we can explore and really immerse ourselves in the culture.


Food and Drink

Instead of eating a lot of something that’s okay wouldn’t you want to eat a little bit of something that’s amazing? Your waistline will thank you and you will feel better for it! The older I get the more I enjoy finer things ☺ I would rather end the night with a great glass of wine than two that comes out of box.


At Home

When it comes to home décor I prefer simple. A nice piece of artwork hanging on the wall gives that piece more meaning than having it hidden amongst a wall of clutter.

Get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful. Outer order contributes to inner calm, and it’s easier to have outer order when you get rid of whatever doesn’t bring you absolute joy. Having less stuff means less time put into cleaning and upkeep. Freeing up not only your space but your time.


Makeup and Cosmetics

You buy a low-cost mascara to save money, but after you throw tube after tube away, you may want to reconsider. When it comes to my everyday makeup I like to invest in great products that will last. Products that cost more, often cost more for a reason. A lot of time and research go into creating these products.  It feels better, delivers better results, and lasts longer. Nice mascara may actually work out to be quite reasonable when you consider the benefits and how long it lasts.



You have heard me say time and time again: I am actually an introvert. That doesn’t mean I am not social. It means being in social situations can become draining to me and I need to take time alone to recharge. It’s important for me to say no to social obligations that are going to drain and strain me. Instead of trying to make a million friends I would rather spend my time focusing on the quality relationships I do have.  Sincere meaningful friendships are important to me and I want to make sure I have the time it takes to invest into each one.  


Social Media and Life online

Just like social engagements, when it comes to your life online you can stretch yourself a bit thin.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed trying to keep up with social media, just as I do with social engagements. Sometimes it’s best to focus on a few social media accounts and do those well rather than trying to do everything at once.  Each account you have is another demand on your time and space.  Just like you should purge your closet, you should purge your files. Press delete and free up some space on your hard-drive.

When it comes to the blog I am even trying to use the same philosophy. I got a little overwhelmed trying to post every single day, and posting everyday wasn’t allowing me to write good quality content. I have now cut back on the amount of posts I put up and instead am focusing more time on each and every one.

In all aspects of life I am trying to take a step back and really focus on quality vs. quantity.  When it comes to less is more what will you focus on?