Me and My Puppy


I don't know about you, but I grew up with dogs. My first dog Jenny was an incredible dog, she was given to us and was such a great addition to the family. When we moved from Virginia to Wisconsin, she decided she did not want to come. We put the couch that she had inhabited in the moving truck and when one of the movers left the gate open Jenny was off. We looked for her in her usual places she would roam off to if she ever snuck out prior, but she was no where to be found. We had to make the trek to Wisconsin with out her. It was quite a while before we got another dog, but eventually we did, and when my parents divorced my mom got a puppy, so dogs were always apart of each household.

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When I moved out of my house I was to busy with school and trying to be an adult that I didn't even think of getting a dog. I then moved to Arizona and was living by myself and decided that I was ready for a dog. However, where I was living wouldn't allow pets. For years circumstances wouldn't allow me to get a dog. I had a named picked out and would make trips to the humane society looking for my "Harper," fully aware I could not bring him home.

Once I moved in with Mike and was more settled my heart was even more set on getting a dog, but he was not convinced. He said we weren't ready because we both like to travel and it's a huge commitment, which it absolutely is. Mike is a mechanical engineer meaning he has to make sure everything is planned and set up perfectly before anything can be put into motion.

As you learned from planning a wedding and trip to Europe I am a planner, but once my mind is made up its made up and I am determined to make it happen. When it comes to life changing decisions sometimes you have to take the risk and jump in feet first. It took me two and a half years to finally wear Mike down. It was not an easy task. There were many discussions, arguments, and even letters written trying to get him to take a risk with me.

I knew once he caved it would have to be a compromise on what we decided to get. I wanted to adopt and he wanted to know who the parents were and all their medical history. He wanted a dog that was the right size for our home, didn't shed, and would be able to shed hunt (that's looking for antlers, not outside storage units.) I started doing my research. I had heard all about these new breeds "labradoodles" and "goldendoodles," I even dog sat one and fell in love, but they are a large breed. They had everything Mike wanted, but were to big for our modestly sized home. I took a chance and googled "miniature goldendoodles,” adorable pictures populated the screen, they do exist!! My mind was made up. We were getting a Miniature Goldendoodle! Well after further research, and at the risk of sounding like a crazy person, we were getting an English F1 Miniature Goldendoodle.


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I started emailing any breeder that I could find that offered this specific puppy. I found one in Farmsville, Ohio. Her amazing English Goldendoodle was set to deliver puppies in December we could pick ours up in February! She was very concerned about who her puppies were going to, so I had to fill out a long questionnaire and she decided based on the puppies personality who they would be best suited to. I did tell her that I preferred a beige male.

I got an email December 17th that all the puppies were born healthy and happy and their mother was doing great. There were two males born, both beige, and we would be getting one of them!

I literally counted down the days until we could go get our puppy. When she finally chose what puppy we would get she started sending pictures every week and video. It was so incredible to see, I couldn't wait for those updates each week. We brought Harper home the week of Valentine's Day. He was home and ours, and even more adorable.

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Harper is now almost two years old! He's the most incredible dog. I can't even express how much joy he has brought Mike and me. I can't even imagine life without him. He rings a bell to go out, stays on the back yard even though it isn't gated, and listens so well. We got so incredibly lucky. One day as we were out with Mike's friends, the same ones that backed me up when I was trying to convince Mike, I heard Mike tell them Harper was the best thing that had ever happened to him. I quickly glanced in his direction, and he added "after Kasey of course." Like Harper, he's a smart fella.

If you are ever considering getting a dog, I highly encourage you to do it, but first do your research. Take the time in the beginning to train them. It's 100% worth it in the long run.

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