Meet Our New Intern!! || Shelby Haas


Kase Styles is quickly growing and with the addition of Events + Photo Styling, I quickly realized I was in the need of some help. One of my closest friends and fellow entrepreneurs Kelsy, knew a friendly, enthusiastic girl named Shelby, from being a regular at Red Eye where Shelby was employed. Recently, Shelby bumped into Kelsy, they got to talking about what career Shelby was hoping to pursue: which ended up being Event Planning! Kelsy quickly introduced Shelby to me via email. I met with her over dinner, and we hit it off right away! I asked if she would be interested in helping me with that weekends event, a Bat Mitzvah, and she readily accepted and was such a huge help! I presented her with the job description I had been working on to post for the Summer-Fall 2017 internship and asked if she would be interested in the position. I am so excited to announce that she accepted! She has only been with me a few short weeks and already has been a major addition, meet the newest addition to the team: Shelby Haas.

Besides being the newest addition to the Kase Styles team, what do you currently do for employment? 

I currently work at North Central Health Care as a Crisis Services Professional.  I’ve known early on that I wanted to work in mental health and psychology; I was always someone my friends came to for support and advice, and I just ‘get it.’   I graduated from UWSP in 2015 with my BS in psychology with a human services emphasis - focusing on counseling.  I had an internship, was on research teams, and took a couple practicums where I was working on the education, progress, and development of others.  The work I do daily now is hectic but so rewarding.  

What made you realize you were interested in Event Planning? 

It’s hard to pinpoint an exact moment when I knew I was interested in event planning.  As long as I can remember I enjoyed planning and putting together my own birthday parties and parties for my younger sister:  developing a theme or concept, picking out décor and food, usually mixed in with some fun DIY, and setting everything up the day of the event.  I helped plan and organize my best friend’s baby shower last winter and felt so comfortable and at home doing so.

Will you also be posting on the blog? What kind of blog posts would you be interested in writing? 

I would love to post on the blog!  I have never blogged but have thought about starting, or contributing to, one so many times.  I love to cook (probably because I love food) and find so many recipes from Pinterest to recreate.  I could see myself posting about some fun recipes I’ve found and tried!  Additionally, I like to think of myself as a bit of a “mixologist” and love experimenting to find my new favorite cocktail!  

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I love to read!  I’m partial to comedic memoirs and psychological and sociological nonfiction; but don’t get me wrong – I love a good mystery or fantasy (ahem, Harry Potter)!

What’s playing on your Spotify right now? 

Acoustic Covers – Creep by Kina Grannis

Favorite Trip? Any upcoming trips planned? 

Walt Disney World!  I honestly believe it is the happiest place on Earth, despite the crowds of people!  I become 7-year-old Shelby again the second I step onto Main Street USA.  My boyfriend’s parents took he and I, his sister and her husband and their two kids this March and we had THE BEST TIME!  We have a wedding in Austin, TX this August that we’re very excited for!  We’ll be going a few days early to check out all that Austin has to offer – food and music!  We would also love to get out west to the Portland/Seattle area sometime this fall as well (we plan on moving out there within the next year and a half).

One thing you never leave the house without? 

Chap stick!  Winters in Wisconsin are brutal on the lips.  I’ve been a Burt’s Bee’s devotee for years!

Share something unique about yourself. 

I auditioned for American Idol in Milwaukee in 2010.  I obviously didn’t go anywhere, but it was a fun experience my cousin and I got to do together. 

What would be your ideal free day if the sky was the limit? 

In my ideal world I would be a morning person – unfortunately I am not.  However, if I was, I’d love to wake up early and get a good workout or yoga in, followed by amazing coffee and a good book.  I would get brunch with my sister and some girlfriends, then embark on an adventure with Thomas, my boyfriend.  We would go shopping and probably to a museum.  Dinner followed by a show of some sort.  I’d end the night with a warm bath, facemask on, candles lit, wine in hand!

Fun Facts! 

Favorite Food:  Steak

Favorite Item of Clothing:  I’m a sucker for a good blazer

Cat or Dog?  Dog

Savory or sweet?  Savory for sure!

Go to Starbucks Drink:  triple grande coconut milk latte with two pumps chai

Go to cocktail:  (this changes monthly I think) Jack and lemonade 

What did you go to school for:  Psychology  

Favorite book:  The Bell Jar

Favorite show:  Friends!  But I’m LOVING The Handmaid’s Tale right now

Have any questions or comments for Shelby?? Comment below!