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Candles That Keep On Giving- (Anthropologie Blog): I am OBSESSED with candles, however scent isn't even the half of it, it has to look good and match the aesthetic of the room. They are just as much a decoration as they are a lovely relaxing addition to the room. Once the candle has burnt up I don't want to throw it away, it's too pretty, so here are some great tips on what you can do with the beautiful containers. GENIUS!!!

DJ Eagworms 50 Shades of Pop Mashes: (Flavorwire) As you can tell from my blog I am quite the music fanatic!( That's why every Monday Mention has a playlist attached). It drives me absolutely crazy sitting in a quiet room I have to have music playing at all times. Pop isn't my favorite genre, I am more of an Indie girl, but DJ Earworm's mash up all of these 2015 pop hits is a MUST listen!

How long will my Wine Last? (Obsev): I love wine, as in I may or may not drink a glass of red wine before bed on most nights. Once I open the bottle I am not always sure how long it's going to last, so this is a great resource to get that question answered!

5 Apps to Bring Out Your Inner Book Worm (The Everygirl): I love to read and discuss books! (That's why I started The Appetizing Reads book club, more on that here.) So any tips and tricks for my inner book worm I'll take! If you like books and aren't using Good Reads, you definitely should, it's a dream come true for readers!

She for She Campaign (She Only Lives Once)I stumbled upon Solo in the blogosphere and fell in love! I started a "Faces of Friday's Series" hoping to inspire you with stories about what others just like you are doing, the Solo girls started a #sheforshe campaign. It's an intimate interview series showcasing the voices of female bloggers, entertainers, and entrepreneurs. Great minds think a like!

Happier Podcast: Drew Barrymore Interview (Gretchen Rubin): If you have been reading along you might get sick of all my references to the Dear Sugar Podcast and Happier Podcast, but I'm obsessed, so sorry not sorry! Anyway, Drew Barrymore talks about her new book Wildflower.  I just think she's adorable!


This Week's Playlist: (of course you will find David Bowies new song Lazarus, I have been playing Bowie all week!) I am also currently obsessed with Anchor by Sophia Black #11 on the list, be sure to check it out!

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What have you guys been discovering lately?? Share in the comments below! I'd love to check it out!

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