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DIY Gold Leaf Frame (The Sweetest Occasion): A Simple tutorial about jazzing up a plain white frame by using gold leaf. I love this idea!

10 Easy Ways to Be a Gracious Overnight House Guest (Camille Styles): Learn from Camille Styles and and the ghost of Emily Post.

5 Ways To Make Today Lovely (The Petite Bijou): One of my favorite blogs to follow The Petite Bijou shares some great insights on how to make each day a great day.

Organize Your Closet With Your I-Pad (Style Book): Ummm, what? Have all your clothes organized on your I-Pad? Sign me up!

50 MORE Things to do To Do Together Other Than Watching a Movie (What You Make It): A cute list of things you could do for date night!

2015 Reading Challenge (Popsugar): I know it's 2016, but this reading challenge still helps up your reading game.

15 Minimalist Hacks to Maximize Your Life (Buzz Feed): One thing I strongly believe in is getting rid of clutter. If you don't use it get rid of it, and this article has great tips and tricks.

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I hope you guys have such a great week! I am getting super excited for the Create and Cultivate conference this weekend! I can't wait!


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