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To twin or not to twin (Vogue): Rules about being matchy in the work place. I am a big fan of people buying what makes them happy! My rule is if you are going to buy something your friend owns you should just ask them. If it's your BFF maybe steer clear of owning the exact same pieces, that way you don't have to coordinate outfits whenever you go out.

A guide to the best indoor plants. (

Close Encounter (SNL Skit): Watch as the stud Ryan Gosling can't keep a straight face. It's hilarious.

Winter Food Homemade Beauty Products- (Refinery 29) -:DIY beauty products for winter remedies.

Edible gummy Legos. (

DIY Water Color Cookies (Lark and Linen)

12 books to read if you loved "Girl on the Train" that aren't Gone Girl. (

Dining Etiquette 101 (The Budget Decorator)

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