My Advice on being your own #Girlboss


I received a message on Facebook asking how to start your own business endeavor. I figured there might be other people out there that have the same question so figured I would share my response! Many people out there have questions but are afraid to ask them. Never be afraid to ask questions! How else are you going to get answers? Honestly, don't feel stupid asking questions, if you ask me it's smart to tap into resources that are at your disposal. Whether you are in a meeting or just having a conversation, if you don't know something, ask. It will only benefit you to expand your knowledge base, and then maybe next time you'll be the one answering that question.


Hi Kasey, so I had a quick question on your business endeavor. I'll be going back to school for my masters in a few weeks and working full time. But one thing I have realized is that I want to do some type of freelance or start my own company. I'm just curious how you're approaching your new company launch, what you did, how you found clients, etc. I don't have a business background so that's where I struggle, and I don't have a "company concept" yet, but was just wondering what and how you got started!

Hope you can share some things,




Congrats on going back for your masters!! That’s incredible! I am a HUGE fan of #GIRLBOSSES! Being a #girlboss isn’t just about owning your own business but women leading deliberate lives, and you my friend are a #Girlboss! Take pride in knowing that you are taking ownership of your life! I would encourage anyone to be start his or her own business. We all have amazing things we can offer the world. :) I wish I could precisely outline the steps that I took to start Kase Styles and Kase Styles Events. The truth is, I am winging it each and every day. Everyone’s journey in starting a business is completely different. Some people plan so much that they never start and some people dive in without a solid plan. I happened to be the latter. I texted my friend Andi and asked her if she would take photos for a blog, I bought a domain, and started Kase Styles. I probably jumped in too quickly, but once I got going it started to take on a life of it’s own. I hired a blog consultant and she helped me to come up with a solid plan, I asked a friend to help with the branding, and I applied for a Tax ID.

You have already taken the first step that I would suggest and that is asking someone that has done it already for help. Figure out what you want to offer and what sets you a part. Figure out why someone should come to you rather than anyone else, and be confident in your capabilities. I think often times women (mostly) are very hard on themselves especially when starting something new. It’s hard to believe in yourself and be confident in something you have never done before. Sometimes it’s best to “fake it ‘til you make it.” OWN IT. Don’t be afraid to admit that you don’t know something, that’s okay too, but figure it out! Google will become your new best friend.

Join groups. As a blogger, I joined Style Collective, which is a group of bloggers helping other bloggers. As a creative business owner, I joined The Rising Tide Facebook page. There are groups out there in your field that will help support you! There are resources, (and hopefully coming soon to Wausau there will be a Female Entrepreneurs’ Group, but more to come on that…) My wedding photographer, Kelsy McCartney, has become a very dear friend, and was the one that encouraged me to start Kase Styles Events. She has been a HUGE support in entering the Wedding Planning realm. I Facebook message her on the regular with questions (sorry Kels!).

Honestly, when starting your own business one of the best pieces of advice I can give is to surround yourself with positive and supportive people. There are always going to be people that question you or criticize you every step of the way. Don’t waste your time on them. Spend time with the people that encourage you, inspire you, and make you feel great about what you are doing! You are amazing and there is no reason to be surrounded by people that make you feel otherwise. I strongly believe “We rise by lifting others,” (one of my favorite quotes of all time!) Networking and collaborating with someone in your field is much more beneficial than competing with them. There is enough business out there for all of us! Remember, "Don’t compare your hustle to their highlight real.”-Sophia Amoruso. 


As far as getting clients, it depends what business you are getting into. NETWORKING is key; someone you know may have the answer or more than likely can point you to someone that does. I love connecting people that can help one another, and others do to.

Word of mouth, social media, and good old fashion email are great free ways to get the word out about your business. Email people in your industry and introduce yourself and what you offer. For Kase Styles Events, Kelsy’s referrals, Wedding Wire, and The Knot, has been how I obtained my current clients. Once you get some source of income you can then look into paid ads (I pay to be featured on Wedding Wire and The Knot.) It does take money to make money, so once you decide you want to start your own business it is something you have to invest in.

You can’t go wrong investing in yourself!

I hope this helps.



Let me know if you have any other questions! I am always happy to help!


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