Quick and Easy Loose Waves With a Wand


I get asked often how I curl my hair. Well, here it is! This is how I achieve quick and easy loose waves with a wand. I use wand for most of it and finish with a straightener. Pin up the hair and leave one layer down to be curled. I have thick hair so I do one layer at a time to make sure I get it all.


Always curl away from your face even during those first layers. I wrap the hair around the wand rather than using a curling iron with a clip.


As you move away from your face start alternating away from your face than toward your face. This way they don't lump together into one big curl.


Once that layer is done move on to the next. Again by your face, curl away.


The top layer is where I spend most of my time.


I have naturally wavy hair, so I get curly cues by my face. I like to straighten them a bit after I curl.


I go through the top layer with a straightener making sure it isn't too curly.


Then I put some moroccan oil on my hands rub them together and then pull them gently through the hair.

PRIMPKasey Taube