My Everyday Makeup Routine


If you would have told me 5 years ago that I would be posting my makeup routine I wouldn’t have believed you. I have had a few people ask me what I do daily so I figured I would share it! However, I don’t have the best skin and I have always been pretty self conscious of myself without makeup. I am not going to lie I used to hide behind it. It took awhile for me to actually believe that “less is more.” I used to cake that stuff on and now looking back at pictures that was not a pretty sight! (I realized that more makeup doesn’t help the skin… so I was in a vicious circle.) Especially in the summer I try to use the least amount of makeup that I can use and still feel comfortable. So here is what I do literally every morning!

I don’t have caboodles of makeup (yeah remember those ;) This bag is all I have for makeup and I carry it with me in my purse everyday. If I am going out at night I will add eye-shadow and lip gloss and that is all it takes to jazz it up! I really love the Urban Decay Naked2 palette for eye shadows. To be honest I have always done better with drug store lip-gloss! I don’t like really heavy or thick stuff.  I like this light weight Cover Girl or my all time favorite lip gloss has been (you're not going to believe this) Bonne Bell Lip Lites Cappucino. Total drug store $3 lip gloss but I love the way it feels and looks. Super low maintenance.

First things first, I get rid of dark spots. I have always had darker circles under my eyes, so I use this IT under eye concealer. This stuff is pretty thick and bright so a little goes a long way! I use it under my eyes and if I have and spots I’ll dab it here and there. I also do it above my eye to even it out and it helps my eyeliner stick. I do it up to my eyebrows because I like the brow to be highlighted just a touch.

I used to wear a liquid concealer but I then converted to powder. I like a medium coverage powder because I had really oily skin and with liquid I could never get rid of the shine. I am much more of a “matte” finish type of person.

At first I used MAC but then I found this Lorac line at Ulta (we don’t have Mac here) and it is good for sensitive skin. If you want it to last longer you can add a primer underneath. I recommend the Smashbox Photo Finish, but I have found that it lasts quite a while on it's own!

After I get my skin all one color and even I contour. I don’t have very defined cheekbones (I wish I did!) So I kind of fake it a bit, but I don’t go crazy. I don’t like the look of dark contouring I want it to look super natural. That is also why I try to get a matte bronzer that isn’t too dark and I make sure I blow on the brush before I put it on. I don't want too much!

I do a little contouring under the apples of the cheek and anywhere that natural shadow hits. So under the chin just a bit and around the hair line.

Then blush! I used to wear super light blush but realized in an hour it would look like I had nothing on. I also have a darker skin tone, so bright tends to show up better. It looks a lot more intimidating than it is. I make sure to smile while doing it so I can get the apples of my cheeks!

Sometimes I put on eyeliner sometimes I don’t. Depends what mood I am in. If I don’t I just make sure I get my mascara to the base of my eyelid and darken that part. If I do use eyeliner I just do a thin line above my upper eyelashes.

It’s so funny because now if someone asked me what is the one thing you can’t go without wearing I would say mascara. However, in high school I refused to wear it! Now I feel like I look super funny without it, but in high school I just felt like it was too much. When I tried to wear mascara I just thought my eyelashes looked fake. People would ask me all the time if my eyelashes were real. Now I realize that is what you want! My eyelashes are really long, but the tips are blonde so without mascara they look really short. They are also quite thick so I always make sure to layer it. I put one layer on let it dry and do another coat, if I want them to look crazy dramatic I will do 3 if I am going out for the evening.  Here I am using the Chanel Le Volume Mascara, but my all time favorite mascara is Armani “Eyes to Kill Excess.” If you want a less expensive version I do like Lorac or They’re Real.  I know it may seem like a lot to spend $24 on mascara, but when I bought the more inexpensive stuff I would go through tubes like crazy! Now a tube will last me quite some time because I don’t have to use as much.

My eyelashes curl up and hit my eyelid so after I do my mascara I always have to use a Q-tip (or in this case, because I was out, a bobby pin and Kleenex) to get the black off of the lid. Don’t just use your finger because it will clump all your eyelashes together!

Then because my eyelashes are darker and more dramatic during the day I just use Chap Stick. I need the moisturizer and I really like the look of a natural lip color! I may be boring when it comes to makeup but when I know what I like I stick with it, so this has been my routine for quite sometime!

I was blessed with thick long eyelashes but I have thinner lips, so I play up the positive features. I think trying to overcompensate for something draws attention to that area, and it's not 1990 so I am not going to use lip liner and try to fake it :-)  So don't worry about areas you aren't crazy about draw attention to those areas you love!

My skin has gotten so much better now that I don't use as much make up as I used to! It takes time to learn that less is more and actually looks better than 'caking' it on. I also really like using powder and less makeup because I don't get that mid afternoon shine:-) Natural is the way to go on a day to day basis, then glam it up a night!

xx Kasey

(photos by: Andi Stempniak)