My Home Decor


When Mike and I started dating Mike had his own house. It was nicely decorated, but lacked a feminine touch. When I moved in he was kind enough to let me redecorate some things. We made compromises. When we finished the basement we moved the living room furniture into the basement and I painted the living room (with the exception of painting the trim, per Mike’s request) and got new furniture. I also got complete control of the basement bathroom. When I moved into the house there were a few things missing, besides a feminine touch. A bathtub, a walk in closet, and a dining room. I have my bathtub, now I am just working on the other two! As you can see the living room and the bathroom both have that feminine touch. The other rooms consist of hand-me down furniture and are still works in progress.

The guitar room has remained completely intact since I moved in the only addition I have made was the rug and now we are looking to add a dining room table. When I first moved in I agreed with Mike that we did not need a dining room table, but after entertaining a few times on the counter we realized we could use one! That’s why I added one to my Christmas Wish list.

It’s been fun to compromise and combine our aesthetics. I would say the perfect way to describe our combined taste it would be Restoration Hardware. If I could decorate our entire house in restoration hardware I would! Mike likes gears, antlers, and wood grain and I like beige, French country, and Edison bulbs. It’s the perfect combination, and the inspiration for our interior décor.

Living Room



Guest Bedroom

An inexpensive desk and antique mirror can make for a great make shift vanity. I like to sit when I get ready!

Our Bedroom

Guitar Room


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