My Ideal Honeymoon


I am a planner. I like to plan trips, photo-shoots, events and weddings. My wedding is in 11 months and I already have it completely planned! One thing that I do not have planned is our honeymoon. However, I do know where my ideal honeymoon would be. I have always wanted to honeymoon in Santorini, an island of Greece. (if you have ever seen Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants you know why.) It’s a GORGEOUS island enriched with culture and glorious beaches. I am not much of an island traveller, I would choose Europe over Jamaica any day, but Santorini is the perfect combination of both European culture and sunny beaches!

image from top and according to them Santorini is the most romantic place on earth, so I am right on point! :-)

There are many reasons I haven’t planned our honeymoon, the first being that it was too far in advance to even look up flights or hotels... so that's major roadblock, and Mike and I haven’t discussed what our budget is for our honeymoon. Santorini isn’t the cheapest place to go for a honeymoon, but because of the economy in Greece, I heard now is the time to go!

People often ask me where Santorini is and my response, "if you ever see images of Greece with white buildings and blue roofs, that’s Santorini." and then I get the usual “ahhhh.” More often then not they use images of Santorini whenever they show images of Greece. I went to the island of Crete on my first European excursion, but we did not have time to make it to Santorini, and I am kind of glad we didn’t because it’s the perfect spot for a honeymoon!

image from 21 stunning photos of greece. 

Mike and I recently went to England and Ireland, and we did not stop for two weeks. We went to a different city every night and saw everything we wanted to see. I told him that for our honeymoon I want to do the complete opposite. I want to go to a gorgeous place that we can just enjoy completely. We can rent bikes and bike the island, we can lay out on the beach, we can get couples massages… well Mike hates massages so that might be a solo act, but either way it’s a great place to relax.

 image from

Some people might think, well why can’t you do that in Jamaica or the Dominican? You could stay at an all-inclusive resort and stay on the beach, same thing right? I don't know why, but when I think all inclusive tropical resort I think of a fun party atmosphere. When I think honeymoon I think quiet, secluded, and romantic. According to all the research I have done that is exactly the atmosphere Santorini would provide.