My Struggle with Social Media


When it come to my relationship with Social Media, it’s definitely a love/hate relationship. I struggle with how I feel about it. On one hand I think it’s great to keep us connected to those that aren’t around, and on the other hand I see how it keeps us from enjoying time with those that are right next to us! We all have been there, you’re at a restaurant and you see a couple instead of talking to each other they are on their phones. 

I went to a bachelorette party in Chicago, and I had a blast! But I couldn’t believe how many people were on their phones snapping what was happening. They were even watching their boyfriends or husbands snapping what was happening at their respective bachelor parties, instead of focusing on the party that was happening right in front of them! This is going to make me sound OLD but there was a time where you had to actually talk to someone to figure out what they did that weekend, and you weren’t able to watch it via social media. 

As a blogger & business owner social media is a huge competent of sharing my content. As a stylist I absolutely LOVE styling photos and making them “insta-worthy”. I have a curated Instagram feed that has become a major part of my brand. I like that if you scroll through it, you get a great sense of what Kase Styles is all about. What you don’t get is real life moments in real time. 

This is what I have been trying to use insta-stories for. I think insta-stories or snap chat is great to see what people are up to. I like that you get a ‘real’ sense of who they are rather than looking at a curated feed. My struggle with insastories or snap chat is sometimes I feel like I am doing things to “prove” I am having fun rather than actually having fun! The pressure to document what I am doing takes away from living in the moment and getting completely consumed by it. I do want to document and share what I am doing in hopes to connect with my followers, but not at the expense of missing out on an experience #thestruggleisreal! 

Instead of all the back and forth on my feelings of social media I have stopped trying to ‘follow the rules’. If I post when I want rather than when I feel like I am supposed to - it takes off a lot of the pressure. I have also come to terms with the fact that for me, I am better at living in the moment and being completely present. If I decide it’s something I want to share with my readers, then it’s something I can always blog about and reflect on later. I can also take videos and add them to my insta-stories later rather than trying to upload things in the moment and missing out! I understand that this is kind of “curating” as I am not sharing in “real time” but sometimes I think it’s okay to enjoy the moment while you are in it, and share it later when you are reflecting back on it. I think this is a great way to enjoy social media and still enjoy life. 


Do you have any tips/tricks how you live in the present and stay up to date on social media?


Kasey Greenheck