My Top Ten Packing Tips


I travel a lot for work and my least favorite part of every trip is packing. I dread packing before I leave and dread unpacking when I return! Over the years of packing and unpacking, and packing and unpacking, and oh yeah packing and unpakcing, I have learned a few tips to make it just a bit easier. If you have any packing tips and that you would like to share I am always looking for good ideas and more efficient ways to pack.

1. Make a list

Here you can find a great packing list that will help you each time you pack. I usually write down each day I will be gone and what outfit I want to wear on that day. I also always make sure I take a nice outfit in case a nice dinner comes up. A comfortable black maxi is very versatile and great to travel with. I like that you could wear it to a nice dinner or use it as a swimsuit cover up.

2. Take Inventory

Lay everything out so you can see it before you pack it. Literally check it off of your list so you know that you have it, this way you don't have to unpack your suitcase if you question whether you packed something or not.

3. Pack Neutrals

My biggest packing tip, also how I shop, is go neutral. You can read more about why I love neutrals here. If you pack neutrals all your clothes can be intermixed and you don't have to pack as many shoes because your shoes will go with all of your outfits!

4. Bring a backpack as your carry on.

Pack your purse in your checked bag and bring a backpack as your carry on. In my backpack I keep my makeup, kindle, wallet, phone and a blanket. I use the Delta app for my boarding pass and always check in before I leave for the airport. If I am traveling with a laptop I keep this in my backpack as well. I really like my North Face backpack, it has compartments for everything I need, and is extremely comfortable.

photos by Andi Stempniak

5. Pack shoes that don't take up too much space and are comfortable

I love these foldable flats. They are comfortable and take up very little space. (They also fit nicely in your purse, if you are wearing heels, but want flats as a back up.)

6. Only pack things that versatile and you can use more than one time during your trip

For example don't pack shoes that only go with one outfit. This ties into packing neutrals above and again is a great shopping tip! Don't buy something that will only go with one outfit. Make sure anything you take/purchase can be used in multiple ways.

7. Keep your toiletries bag prepped and ready to go 

I keep toiletries, an extra brush, travel blow drier, and anything extra I may need packed in my suitcase so I can make packing easier. This also makes it easier to not forget things like your brush, if you have one already stashed in your suitcase.

8. Always pack your swimsuit

You never know when you are going to need your swimsuit! Your hotel might have a hot-tub that you can relax in after a long day. Maybe your hotel is closer to your beach than you think, and you will have some time to bask in the sun! Swimsuits don't take up much space so it doesn't hurt to bring it.

9. Travel hair dryer

Some people bring a hair dryer when they travel and some use the ones in the hotel. I don't always trust that the hotel will have a hair dryer so I like to take my own. When I went to Europe I bought a hair dryer with dual voltage that would work in Europe and in the U.S. and folds so it's perfect for travel!

10. Portable steamer

A lot of tops I own don't travel well. They get extremely wrinkled, so I always travel with a portable steamer. This has also come in handy many times, I went to a wedding in England, and most of the bridesmaids travelled leaving their dresses quite wrinkled. They didn't have a steamer and I used my steamer to steam all the bridesmaid dresses!

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