Office Redesign


One thing about me, when I like something I REALLY LIKE IT. I commit. I become OBSESSED. Since my wedding I have been completely obsessed with gold and blush. When I went to Madison to visit my sister Danielle I saw this gorgeous artwork on the top shelf at World Market. It had gold and blush accents so right away I was drawn to it.  The desert landscape reminded me of Arizona, my second home, and the colors of the cactus were muted green/grey which just happened to be the exact color of my office. 

I wasn't expecting to redo my office by any means, but as they were taking the artwork off the shelf I start imagining what I would do to revamp the space! I got home from Madison Sunday night and jumped on to look for a rug that would go with the space. I ordered curtains and a chair from Target. Within the week my office was completely revamped! Prior to redoing the office, it was comprised of things I had left over from moves, or had collected over time, it wasn't a cohesive design. Now it's completely Kase Styled, and of course we're obsessed!