Outfit Inspiration with Pinterest


If you are anything like me you have plenty of clothes but feel like you have nothing to wear. I open my closet doors and my mind goes blank. I don't know why this happens, but it's become a common occurrence. Styling outfits is one of my all time favorite things to do! Its a huge passion of mine and a way I feel I get to be creative daily. When you are working with the same pieces over and over sometimes we all just need some inspiration!

What is the best tool for a daily dose of inspiration?? Pinterest of course! When I am planning my outfits in the morning and I am feeling stuck, I go to "My Kind of Style" Board on Pinterest and I let it inspire me.

This board is a collection of outfits I like, outfits that look like something I already own, or outfits I hope to one day own. Perusing through this board in the morning really helps spark outfit ideas and sometimes inspires me to put an outfit together I wouldn't have otherwise thought of. It helps me come up with new looks and refresh old ones. As most of you know, I like a lot of black, greys, and beige (I am all about those neutrals). Some of my pins seem redundant, but they aren't, one simple tweak to an outfit can give a completely new kind of look! Or a pin that inspires me one day might not inspire me the next. Whenever I see something that I think could inspire me in the future I add it to the board.

If you are ever feeling stuck as you are getting ready in the morning, try opening up your favorite "Style Inspiration" board on Pinterest and let it inspire you!

Do you have any style tips on how you get inspired in the mornings?