Pizza Party


I remember when I was young I really loved pizza parties! I still love pizza parties, and Mike loves to grill, so when I found out you could grill pizza we decided to throw a pizza party. My friend Anne runs a gluten free bakeshop The Blue Dot Bakeshop and she makes these great gluten free crusts. Anne provides the crust Mike and I provide the sauce and cheese, and then the guests bring whatever toppings they would like on their pizza. We have tried some really unique pizzas as well as the ordinary pepperoni pizza. We provide some adult beverages as well but people tend to bring their own.

For the Ratatouillie pizza you roast: summer squash, zucchini, eggplant, grilled red onions, herb goat cheese, and garlic.

Before grilling the pizza it's a good idea to pre-bake the crust before you add the toppings.

You can chat up your guests while you load the baked crusts with toppings! Also if you forget a rolling pin a wine bottle can be used instead :-)

If you are like us Wisconsinites you like cheese, so you may want to add more cheese after you have all the toppings on. That also helps to keep all the ingredients on the pizza.

Once you are done adding the toppings it's ready to go on the grill.

We have a green egg as well as a gas grill and they both work to make grilled pizzas.

You can place the pizza right on the grill or you can use a pizza stone.

Then enjoy some great pizzas! Every pizza party we have had so far has been a smashing success :-)

xx Kasey

photos by: Andi Stempniak