Planning With Pinterest


Most people get inspiration from Pinterest for their wedding. And yes, it's a great source of inspiration, but you can also use it to organize and plan your wedding! You can purchase wedding binders at Barnes and Noble and other book stores to help you organize your wedding, but I used Pinterest and instead. This way I don't have to carry around a large binder, and it's accesible to me anywhere. All boards for my wedding are 'secret boards' because I want to keep my wedding guests in suspense! (So I am not going to share everything just yet...but here's a good snap shot.)

images from pinterest

When Mike and I were just dating and not yet engaged I had a secret wedding board called "future plans." -Yes that may have been a bit presumptuous, but it was just a bit of wishful thinking! I would use "future plans" to save any wedding related pins that I liked.

As getting engaged started to become more of a reality I divided "future plans," into:

1. Flowers: I just wanted white and green flowers so that is what I always pinned but as my decor evolved and I got my dress this board slightly changed. I  deleted whatever wouldn't go with my dress and decor making it so much easier to see what I want.

2. Save the Dates/Invitations: I dabble in graphic design so I am doing my own save the dates and invitations. It helps to get inspiration from other save the dates and invites, and even if YOU aren't the one designing it this will help your designer. If you are going with a website like or this is where you can keep the designs you like from those sites and keep track of pricing making it easier to compare.

3. Rings and Things: I wish I could say I was one of those girls that would love whatever ring he gave me, no matter what it looks like! It sounds horrible, but I am very particular about rings. I really wanted something that I would love. I really love an understated, elegant, and classic ring. So that is what I looked for. I also looked for inspiration for his ring so he could pick something he would like! (I may or may have not sent him a picture of the exact ring I would love. I really am not a control freak-I swear! I am not one of those people that likes everything-I even send my family a list of things I want for christmas- wow this does not bode well for me... let's move on)

4. Wedding Hair: The classic dilemma of hair up vs hair down--pinning what you like can help you answer this question! Do you pin more up-dos than you do of brides wearing their hair down? There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to hair up or hair down; what will work with your dress? Is the ceremony indoor or outdoor? What style will last longer? The most important thing to consider is if you will be comfortable and what will make you look and feel most like yourself!

5. Wedding Day Attire: If you are like me you binge watched 'Say Yes to the Dress' before wedding dress shopping. Some people go in with NO IDEA of what they want. I think it's best to go in with images of things you like to give the associate an idea of where to start and make your wedding dress shopping experience more enjoyable!

6. Engagement Photos: I am ALL for letting the photographer do what they do best. So when I was looking at engagement photos I wasn't looking at the style of photography (even though if you haven't picked out your wedding photographer yet, this is something to look at.) You can read my advice on wedding photography here. I used this board to get inspiration on how I would like to style my engagement photos (which is another blog post I am working on!)

7. Wedding Photos: Again, I would leave this up to the discretion of your photographer, but look for location inspiration and styling ideas! There might be certain poses that you just have to have, and your photographer will be happy to capture those poses.

8. Decor: This is the toughy! Some people might have no idea what they want their wedding to look like and will leave it all up to the wedding planner. As you have learned by now, that is not how I operate. There are so many styles of wedding and decor it's hard to narrow down what you like. Again, pin away and then do a process of elimination. Also consider narrowing down your search, if you search "weddings" you will be overwhelmed with the amount of pins that come up, I searched "restoration hardware french wedding," and got the exact wedding inspiration I was looking for! Your search doesn't even have to make sense, just put in things you like before 'wedding' and see what you get.

9. Gifts: I love giving gifts! I got the idea for the Bridesmaid Gift Boxes from pinterest. There are so many great gift ideas on there and even ideas of who to give gifts to on your wedding day.

10. Things to Make/Get: We are having a decorator execute my vision for the wedding, but there are little things that we will need to get or make ourselves! For example, we need to make welcome baskets for all the out of town guests staying in the hotel.

11. Wedding Food: Your caterer usually can provide much more than what they typically offer. If you want something super unique they may just be able to make that happen! Mike and I do not want the typical sit down dinner, so we are doing something a bit more trendy and unique. We are doing a more 'tapas' styled dinner, and I got most of the menu items from pinterest. I may live in Wisconsin, but I do not want a meat and potato dinner, sorry guests! (Don't worry we will have something for everyone.)

The key to keeping these boards organized is maintaining them, so every so often you have to make sure you delete all the pins you no longer want. You might pin something impulsively one day, and the next day not like it!  Be sure that you only keep pins you absolutely love and not pins you just kind of like. Eventually each board will get to exactly what you have invisioned and then you can make it happen!

I hope this helps you organize your wedding! It certainly helped me stay organized and easily share the right images with the right vendors. I can't wait until the big day to see all the things I have invisioned come to fruition.