Relaunching January 7


I am excited to announce that Kase Styles is going through a rebranding and will be relaunching January 1st, 2016, just in time for the New Year! Kase Styles will have a new look and new content. I started Kase Styles in May of this year as a creative outlet and since then it has been evolving into so much more. I have been learning and growing as a blogger and can’t wait to share what I have learned with all of you!

I majored in Fashion Marketing and wanted to start a magazine catered to those who wanted a one-stop shop for fashion, music, books, beauty and wellness.  I wanted to inspire women, like me, just graduating with no idea where life was going to take them.  I wanted to show them that not everyone knows where they are going to go in life, and it can be really scary, but that there can be beauty in the unknown.

I created the magazine for my senior project, but never took it further than that, until now. I even launched a blog, several years back, but the timing wasn’t right and I never had the right resources.

After several years of debating whether or not to start a blog, I decided this year that I would take the leap! Sometimes it gets overwhelming; starting a blog in a sea of blogs was very intimidating. I almost didn’t start Kase Styles just for that reason! Then I figured why not? If it fails what do I have to lose? There are millions of songs out there, but people are still singing, there are plenty of books out there, but people are still writing. If I can make just one woman feel better or feel more inspired I have succeeded.  So, Kase Styles has been a success! My blog post 22 things I wish I had known by 22 is my most popular post to date, and a young woman wrote me thanking me for writing that post. Her message inspired me to dive deeper and work even harder. Blogging is an incredible amount of work, but has been incredibly rewarding.

After several months of blogging I have been growing and evolving and so has Kase Styles.  I am taking the remainder of the year to focus on the new and improved Kase Styles.

Please continue to explore Kase Styles and come back January 1 to see the new and improved Kase Styles! I appreciate each and every visitor that comes to the site. I would love to hear any feedback you have or just drop an email to say hi!

Here is a sneak peak of what the new and improved Kase Styles will be offering:

-More consistent content

-Multiple ‘Series’ Posts

-Giveaways (be sure to sign up for the e-newsletter to get more details on the amazing giveaways Kase Styles will be offering in 2016!)

xx Kasey