Stemology Skincare


I hate to admit it, but there are a few things that I wish I had listened to my mother more. She would always stress the importance of "washing your face and brushing your teeth." I hated hearing those words before bed and just wanted to crawl into bed and call it a night. She would the stress, as I started to wear makeup, how much falling asleep with makeup on would age you, and I never wanted to believe it. I was very self conscious about my skin and wanted to cover up the problem rather than address it. (I still envy those of you who have porcelain skin!) As I have gotten older skincare has become much more important to me. I am very particular about what I use and want to make sure it covers all the bases; cleanses pores, takes care of dark circles, and most recently anti aging. Every night before I crawl into bed I make sure I do much more than just, "wash my face and brush my teeth." I follow all the steps; cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. (Using the Clarisonic brush to cleanse has completely changed the way I wash my face. I even travel with it, because now I hate washing my face with out it!)

I have just recently been introduced to the brand StemologyStemology is the first and only brand that uses both human and plant stem cell technologies to help prevent and improve the number one cause of skin aging; the declining production of epidermal, collagen and elastin cells. Stemology's technologies help combat skin that is dull, thin and wrinkled making sure it maintains firmness and elasticity. StemCore-3 technology is ethically formulated and promises superior anti-aging efficacy. Don't worry, It contains no DNA or stem cells!

I have really loved the way this skincare line has made my skin feel rejuvenated! It covers all those bases I mentioned; cleanses pores, takes care of dark circles, and most importantly helps with anti-aging! I had read that at 25 you should start to use products that are focused on anti-aging, and so that is what I have started to do! (even if I am a few years late to the game :) )

PRIMPKasey Taube