Take Advantage of Where You Live


I think it is very important to take advantage of where you live. You are there for a reason, and maybe you are working towards leaving, but while we live where we do we might as well enjoy it! I live in a very small town and left for several years (you can read more about that here.) It's incredible how much a place can change, but when I moved back not only had Wausau changed, but I had changed. I learned about who I was and what was important to me. I have a new found appreciation for the small town (and maybe this has to do with my Gilmore Girls obsession, I like to think I live in Stars Hollow) but there is always something to do as long as you are open to it. M opened me up to a whole new world (you might as well call him Aladdin ;) ). It's easy to get bummed out during the winter, sometimes you don't see the sun for days, or maybe you live in Arizona and see too much sun! It's easy to get sick of 115 degree weather during the summer,but there are things you could do. You could go to a museum! (If you haven't been to the Musical Instrument Museum I highly recommend it!) You could jump into a pool and go swimming.

No matter where you are the grass always seems greener on the other side, so bloom wherever  it is that you are planted :)

Try to take the view point of a visitor coming from out of town, explore your city as if you are there for the first time. Maybe there are museums, events, outdoor activities, or other things you haven't even heard about! I had the opportunity to work for a Wausau Events, which is a non-profit organization that produces events for the Wausau Area. I couldn't believe how many people hadn't attended these free events that were happening right in their back yard. It may sound silly, but google "things to do in ____(insert your city name here.) Whether you live in Amsterdam, LA, or Tokyo I guarantee there are things happening that you didn't know about.

In Wausau every year they do a candle lit snow shoe hike for Valentine's Day on Granite Peak, our ski mountain in town, and it's a blast! Why not take advantage of the beautiful scenery in the area, or if you have access to snow shoes create your own snow shoe hike! That's what I do with Harper and Mike to get out of the house. (And how gorgeous is the sky during sunset??) Some people like to complain there is nothing to do and some people get up and create something to do.

I challenge you to explore your town as if you are visiting it for the first time and to take full advantage of wherever you are, and BLOOM!


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