Introducing The New Kase Styles

Hello Everyone,

I am beyond excited to share with you the new and improved KASE STYLES.

I am so happy you are here! I launched Kase Styles this past May and it quickly took on a life of it’s own. I wanted to give it the love and attention it needed, so I took the time to rebrand it, get help redesigning the site, and came up with an entire new editorial calendar! I hope you love the look and feel of the site as much as I do.

Here’s what you can look forward to each week

Monday Mentions

I think we can all agree Mondays aren’t the most exciting days of the week, so let’s make Monday’s just a bit more fun! Every Monday I will be sharing links I love, with funny videos, tips and tricks and other great things we love to find while surfing the internet. I will also share my weekly playlist and an inspiring quote to start the week off right.

Rotating Series (Tuesdays)

Tuesdays are for unique one off posts and aren’t really considered a ‘series’. They are for whatever topics come up or need elaborating that week. For example, for the first 22 Tuesdays, I am going to dive deeper into my most popular post 22 Things I Wish I’d Known by 22. I can’t wait for us to dive deeper into it, I got great feedback on that post (I just love hearing from you guys), and I have even more to share.

Wednesday: What A Girl Wants

Yes, a Christina Aguilera song, but besides wanting to get this song stuck in your head every Wednesday, I want to share with you what I have found online that I am drooling over.

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday thoughts will also be similar to Tuesdays, it will be ever changing. It will be posts related to whatever comes up that week. I want to keep you in suspense; I can’t let all my secrets out of the bag…

Faces of Friday

I am not going to lie I am most excited about my Faces of Friday Series!

Faces of Friday is a new series I am starting to provide readers with insight into the lives of inspiring everyday people. Life can take you to unexpected places and these gracious folks are willing to share with you where their lives have taken them.Not everyone knows exactly what he or she wants to do or who they want to be. Some of us learn from trial and error along the way, and the subjects of this series are willing to share what they have learned so far.


I believe that one of the most important things in this life is the connection we share with one another. Identifying with another human being is an amazing gift, it can inspire you to learn, grow, create, and opens your eyes to what more the world has to offer.  We are not alone in this crazy thing called life.  Life is a beautiful thing filled with beautiful people, and some people don’t get the opportunity to share their story. I want to help others get the opportunity to share their story and I want to give you the opportunity to hear it, learn from it, and maybe, just maybe identify with it. I believe wholeheartedly that you all were meant for incredible things, so I hope you enjoy reading stories of others, and I hope it gives you comfort knowing that you are not alone. We are all learning to navigate life’s murky waters, why not learn from each other along the way??

Saturdays: The Kase Styles

On Saturdays you will get to see what I have been wearing lately. If you haven’t read the about me (link) you don’t know I have a slight shopping addiction, and I want to put that addiction to good use, and help you shop online.  So, check out my latest outfits on Saturdays, they will include links to my outfits as well as links to the look for less! So, make sure you check it out. In addition, if you just want help shopping online for something you love shoot me an email, I would love to help you! (I’m serious let’s shop together! I want to use my skills for good rather than evil.

Sundays: Book Club

Sunday is the perfect day to relax and snuggle up with a good book. I am going to share with you the latest from my Book Club (not just an online book club, but a real book club where we meet once a month.) I started a book club 3 years ago, and it is still going strong! I want to share with you what we are reading, what we have read, and what we intend to read