At the beginning of 2018 I sat down to visualize what I wanted to work towards in my business and personally. I drew a flower studio. I LOVE working from home, I love being able to do laundry and work at the same time, and see my husband when he comes home from lunch. However, my house was starting to become a disaster after each event. Rentals were starting to lounge about in my living room longer than I (and my husband would like). I imagined a beautiful white space that I could work on flowers and not be worried that stems would be left on the dinner table. I imagined that this goal would be more like a five year plan, I wasn't going to be able to build a studio anytime soon. 

Two weeks later, as fate would have it, my family acquired an old farm house and suggested that I use it for a flower studio! It was a VERY old VERY smelly house, but I knew it would have a lot of potential! The next morning I started tearing out carpet and painting the brown paneling.

Since January I have been working countless hours getting the studio up and running. I wanted a space that I could be proud of and a space that would inspire. I am SO excited to finally share this space with you and so thankful to Kelsy McCartney of The McCartney's Photography was able to capture some lovely photos. 

The Office

There were two living rooms or family rooms if you will, one of them I converted into an office and the other I turned into what I call 'The Studio'. I wanted to office to be bright and filled with light. I put my computer right in front of the window(I didn't want to stare at walls).   I brought the desks over that were in my office and bought the drawer units from Ikea. I hung up my vision board, letter board, and prints I had made from artifact uprising of shots I took at the House in Bloom event. The space ended up exactly as I had hoped! 


The Meeting space

What was once the dining room is now a client meeting space. There's a built in hutch that was used for dishes where I now store my vases. It works out really well! 


The bathroom

The bathroom used to be pink and white with flowery wall paper. I decided to paint it white and black and keep it simple. I hung a print from Victoria Campbell photography (not pictured due to where it is). But it looks amazing in the space and bring in the pink counter top. Otherwise all the other prints are just fun quotes I printed :) 


The Studio

The other 'living room' I transformed into what I call the 'studio' this is where we actually work on flowers. It's close to the kitchen giving us a water source. I got a workbench from amazon and placed it by the window (again I love my windows!) I also wanted to keep the fireplace a focal point. Before it was surrounded by brown paneling and carpet, it got lost in the space, now it's a beautiful statement! 


Thanks so much for taking the time to explore our new studio! 



Kasey Greenheck