This Week's Meal Plan


You guys. I have a confession. I don’t enjoy cooking. I wish I did.  I can order take-out like it’s going out of style and I can cut up and lay out appetizers that will entice the masses. When it comes to cooking dinner for Mike and I, I must admit I am not very skilled. Last week I was gone all week on a photo-shoot so every meal was spent eating out. Let’s be honest this can lighten up the wallet without helping me shed those pounds! (I'm trying to get ready for those engagement pictures!) It also can get old eating out all the time and is not the healthiest... So this week I decided I would try my hand at cooking, again.

I went on Pinterest and found the following meals for the week. Two nights ago I made the Skinny Buffalo Chicken Tacos and M loved them! SCORE. (He has not been the biggest fan of my cooking in the past, bless his heart for trying.) Hopefully all these meals are as successful and keyword: EASY. Fingers Crossed!

Skinny Buffalo Chicken Tacos (via The Skinny Fork)

I am more of a nacho person, so for lunch the next day I used tortilla chips and made nachos!

Slutty No Carb Pasta (Via the Londoner)

I am a little nervous to make this one it doesn't seem AS easy as the tacos, but my friend Paula made it at her house, and it was really good, and didn't seem TOO difficult. She also added spicy sausage meatballs that were amazing, but I am not going to go that far. I'll see how this goes first :-)

One Skillet Paleo Mediterranean Chicken ( via Paleo Newbie)

I love recipes that are "one skillet." I also love something with a little Mediterranan flavor.

Spicy Thai Braised Kale and Tofu (via vegkitchen)

I have made this one before. Don't let the Kale and Tofu scare you, it's really good and tastes mostly like peanut butter! I have made this for my family before and they liked it as well. If you don't like tofu I am sure you could substitute chicken. I have been trying to find recipes with more veggies in them. Sometimes I forget to get those greens in!

Zucchini Corn and Quinoa (via CookingClassy)

You may see a pattern here. Chicken, it's my favorite meat. I am not really into red meat as much and that's good when you are trying to lose some weight! M likes more red meats, but those are so easy to grill. These are a good compromise for us as it has his protein and the veggies that I want. I am a big fan of anything with Quinoa. If you haven't had it before it's basically healthy yummy rice.

Wish me luck!