Going Unfiltered

photo by The McCartney's Photography

photo by The McCartney's Photography

Hi Guys! I realized I tend to share my highlight reel with you and wanted to share a little bit about myself, unfiltered. (This is a hard for me!).

  1. My name is Kasey but those close to me call me Kase
  2. I am an eternal optimist
  3. I love with my entire heart and would do anything for anyone!
  4. I don’t show it but I get hurt when my efforts and affections go unnoticed or unappreciated. 
  5. I have converted so many people to my favorite coffee drink, a hazelnut soy latte (You should try it!) 
  6. I use a lot of (!!!) periods seem cold to me. 
  7. I have recently discovered my love for flowers and am now obsessed. 
  8. I obsess easily 
  9. I love to style, design, and create. That’s what I was made to do. 
  10. Yes I am married. No I am not sure if I want to have kids. 
  11. I love my alone time! 
  12. I prefer one on one, or small groups, to large social gatherings. (Unless it involves dancing, I love to dance!) 
  13. I love self-care & pampering but I tend to put others needs in front of my own. Then I get overwhelmed when I haven’t had a moment to relax and reflect. 
  14. I am very particular about what I like. 
  15. When I am home alone I love a bath, candles, and good book. 
  16. My favorite plans are no plans! 
  17. I have always LOVED music and can’t sit in a silent room
  18. Success to me is making money doing what you love, while having time to spend with those you care about
  19. I don't like to cook or clean 
  20. When I know what I want I get impatient to get it
  21. Im not a great writer or good at spelling but I love to write. 

I look forward to sharing more about myself unfiltered and unplugged. I would love to learn more about you lovely people.

Kasey Greenheck