What I Learned From Gilmore Girls


“Oh I can't stop drinking the coffee, I stop drinking the coffee, I stop doing the standing and walking and the words putting into sentence doing.” Lorelai Gilmore

My obsession with Gilmore Girls

More often than not Gilmore Girls is playing in the background (of my day-to-day life). During college as I would do my homework, as I would journal about my latest relationship, and now as I blog (, that is what I default to). I didn’t watch Gilmore Girls when it first came out; I didn’t fully appreciate it until I owned all of the seasons and would watch them repeatedly, over and over and over again. I bet I could be in the Guinness book of world records for number of times I have watched the entire series! Yep I am obsessed. My friends and family have come to realize that a Gilmore Girls reference more than likely will come up at least once a day. So as you can see there is a love I have for this show that is beyond comprehension. When M first saw the show he said, “it all makes sense now.”

Gilmore Girls gave me something to relate to when I felt like I couldn’t relate to anything else. I was in fashion school and loved clothes, but I was obsessed with music and books as well! I attribute so much of who I am to the Gilmore Girls. I know this is a bold statement, but watching that show felt like seeing myself in a whole new light. Like I wasn’t a weird coffee obsessed freak! It helped me prioritize what was truly important to me; clothes, books, travel, music, and great conversation. (Not particularly in that order)

When I lived in Arizona and people were out partying at the clubs, I was drinking hot tea by the fire watching Gilmore Girls.  Sounds pleasant doesn’t it? Now at 27 I can say that with confidence but when I was 21 and everyone was going out, pop-lock-and-dropping it, I sometimes would feel left out. What was wrong with me? When I would go out, and a guy wearing an Affliction t-shirt would try to make conversation about his car or how much he could bench press I would think first “are you serious?” and second, “I’d rather be home reading or watching Gilmore Girls!” I relied on the show for comfort, and to me it is more than just a show, it’s a lifestyle.

Quirky but relatable characters

Loralei and Rory are amazing women that have great taste in music, movies and books. They love great conversation and are positive, fun-loving people. (What’s not to love?) The show is filled with other unique, quirky characters. They love and support Rory and Lorelai so much that you can’t help to love them back. I never would have appreciated a small town without watching Gilmore Girls. I love the sense of community. They have events each season that they entire town participates in, like a 24 hour dance-a-thon. I can relate to that now having lived in a smaller town where we have great events and there is comfort in seeing familiar faces.

Witty dialog with nostalgic pop culture references

The writing is incredible. Some people don’t like how fast they talk, but I grew up with sisters, one of which happens to be (a very witty) fast talker.

Gilmore Girls is jammed packed with witty dialog and too many references to count. I will never understand them all and I Google them from time to time, but the ones I do understand make me smile every time.


Independent women

This is a show about women, but they don't spend their entire lives discussing relationships. They aren’t ditsy or cliché by any means. They are completely independent and self-sufficient (#girlbosses).  They handle everything with grace, humor, and enthusiasm.


One first love, one bad boy, and that serious relationship

They may not spend all their time talking about relationships, but there are relationships that are completely relatable. We have all had our first love, the typical bad boy, and that very serious relationship.  More often than not, when someone is talking to me about a relationship that they are in I can relate it to one of Rory’s boy friends, Dean (her first love), Jess (the bad boy), or Logan (her first serious long term relationship).


Family Dynamic

This show is centered around women, there are their romantic relationships, but the most important relationship is the one between Lorelai and Rory. They are not just mother and daughter, they are best friends. Not all of us can relate to having such freakishly close bonds with our mothers, but if you have been as fortunate as I have been, you know what it’s like to have an incredible bond with a best friend.

Lorelai’s relationship with her mom is on the other side of the spectrum, but also relatable. We all have people in our lives that are very critical and sometimes controlling.  We can all relate to dysfunctional family dynamics!

As you probably gathered already, I could not be more excited that Gilmore Girls is coming back for four 90 minute episodes. Amy Sherman-Palladino, the show’s creator, said that she knew from the first episode what the last four words of the series would be. However, she left before the series finale. Those last four words were never uttered and it has been haunting me ever since. I am so excited to find out what those last four words are going to be!


Gilmore girls has taught me that being in a relationship doesn’t make you happy, only you can make yourself happy, and you should be yourself unapologetically. No matter what comes up in life you can handle it with, a cup of coffee in hand, a little bit of humor, and some grace.


ADVICEKasey Taube