Working in Bed with Specs by Eye Buy Direct


I have a desk, but so often I find myself working on the couch or in bed. This is for two reasons: one it's comfortable, and two I can have the TV on in the background. This way I can multi-task binge watching Netflix and working at the same time. 

I don't need glasses, but sometimes I use them solely as an accessory. When I wear tan/beige shoes with a black outfit, I can put on beige tortoise shell glasses and the entire look works together! It balances each other out.

However, I have recently discovered the perfect pair of specs, that also serve a purpose. Eye Buy Directhas a new Blue lens that helps protect your eyes against blue-violet light emitted by digital screens. This lens is awesome! I, like most people, spend nearly half of every day in front of a computer, tablet, or iPhone. Digital screens put a strain on your eyes, and these glasses are a great solution. They are comfortable, clean and modern, and most importantly – scratch resistant, UV protective, Anti-reflective. I also love that when you purchase them they email you ever step of the way. They let you know when your lens is being cut, glasses are assembled and when they ship! 

They have so many styles to choose from! Check them out here.

WEARKasey Taube