Our goal is to curate impactful events that will elevate your wedding experience. We not only help with the planning and logistics but also help with the creative direction of your wedding to ensure we bring your vision to life.  With so much available at our fingertips it's easy to get lost in ideas. That's where Kase Styles come in. We take all your ideas and curate it into one cohesive design. We make sure you have a seamless wedding planning experience and are able to fully enjoy your big day!  

Event Planning + coordination

Wedding coordination is all about the nuts and bolts of your celebration, creating a firm foundation for a smooth event. With more than nine years of experience and our hands wrapped around every logistical detail of your wedding, we’ll be your vendor curator, budget supervisor, fee negotiator, etiquette advisor, family dynamics mediator, stationery proofreader, personal stylist, favor packager, and more often than not, your listening ear and personal counselor. We’ll support you and advocate for you as we guide the entire planning process and then oversee the wedding day from set up to tear down. From booking hotel room blocks to timing shuttle pick ups to determining the amount of electrical power your tented reception needs to sending you down the aisle… we’ll handle it all every step of the way.

Event Management

In addition to ensuring that the event is planned successfully, the KS team will also serve as your direct representatives to ensure a flawlessly executed event. While many call this level of service ‘month of coordination,’ we like to call it event management and execution because we truly view our efforts as more than a series of simple to do lists and tasks. The planning and production of your wedding is the foundation of your celebration but the management and execution is where the magic happens and we get the honor of bringing everything to life for you. Having our team guide you through the planning process and then see those plans to fruition on the day of, ensures an experience unlike any other.

Design, decor + florals

Event design is all about personalizing your wedding and making it beautiful. We go beyond arranging pretty flowers and consider every visual component of your wedding. We will help you define your vision and then bring your personal style to life with our creative direction. Wrapping our hands around every visual detail of your wedding ensures your story is told cohesively from start to finish. Together, we will think through the stationery font, the texture of your linen, the finish on your chair, the ribbon tied around your guest favors, the pillows on your soft seating, the types of flowers that will best communicate your style and every other detail that will make your wedding one of a kind.

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